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64 mins 21 Feb 2024

Join us for an educational webinar where we will cover seven critical tips, offering a roadmap to enhancing client experiences, streamlining engagement, and optimizing revenue streams you can implement this tax season. In this informative session, COO and Head of Tax for Steadfast Bookkeeping, Jeremy Wells will share his insights and strategies for setting up efficient and impactful workflows. Discover how to simplify your workflow to gain efficiencies with client engagement, project management and collections.

By joining this session you’ll:
  1. Enhance client communications and engagement
  2. Streamline workflow and financial processes with integrated software tools
  3. Optimize efficiency through template utilization

Key takeaways

  • Master the art of integrating video into client proposals and effectively drafting comprehensive engagement letters, with the objective to implement these enhanced communication and engagement strategies in your workflow within a month.
  • Develop strategies for effective pricing and payment management, and learn to seamlessly integrate key software tools like Karbon, ProConnect, and QuickBooks Online (QBO) into your workflows, aiming to apply at least one new strategy or software integration in your practice by the next billing cycle.
  • Understand and leverage the power of pre-designed templates for various tax forms and advisory services, with a goal to adopt and customize these templates for immediate use in your practice, enhancing consistency and saving time.

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