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Present Jeannie Savage—CEO of The Strategic Bookkeeper and 22’ Women in Finance 'Bookkeeper of the year'—for a masterclass series designed to help you and your practice thrive.

Three sessions, over three weeks, jampacked with expert guidance and practical proven strategies on how to find, onboard and retain new clients, as well as how to confidently step into—and succeed—in the world of automation.

🗓 WED 31 MAY, 11am AEST

Session 1: How to find new clients

🗓 WED 7 JUNE, 11am AEST

Session 2: How to onboard and retain clients

WED 14 JUNE, 11am AEST

Session 3: How to thrive in the world of automation

Webinars in the series

How to find new clients 

Covered in the session:

  1. Key, proven strategies on how and where to find new clients
  2. Ways to take action immediately
  3. A look into the kind of assets and collateral needed

How to onboard and retain clients

Covered in the session:

  1. Key strategies you can immediately use to convey your value
  2. A conversion process that does the value-talking for you
  3. Productising your services to stack your value

How to thrive in the world of automation

Continue the journey with education and action steps around staying relevant and going next level, including:

  1. How technology can help not hinder your practice
  2. Demystifying “future-proofing” and the big keys for you as a Bookkeeper
  3. How to make your price not just secondary but—irrelevant
  4. An advisory system built by a bookkeeper for bookkeepers, and why you might want to give it a go!