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63 mins 24 May 2024

Join us for a live webinar where we debunk the myths surrounding Reasonable Compensation and unveil the tools to price this service confidently and ultimately generate revenue for your firm.

Ignition, the leading solution in proposal preparation, coupled with RCReports, revolutionizes how tax professionals expand their firms efficiently, saving valuable time while offering highly profitable services.

Why join?

You'll walk away with the tools to: 

  • Understand the importance of Reasonable Compensation reports: Gain insights into the analysis of RC as a key service and a gateway to tax advisory. 

  • Leverage RCReports for time-efficient analysis: Discover how RCReports expands your tax advisory firm. Learn firsthand how their tool will save you time and grow your revenue. 

  • Streamline proposals with Ignition: Unlock the power of Ignition to craft compelling proposals to confidently price and sell Reasonable Compensation analysis to your clients.