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50 mins 01 Nov 2023

Mark your calendar for our exclusive webinar featuring Elizabeth Manso, CPA—a renowned industry expert. Elizabeth will delve deep into the intricacies of pricing, offering invaluable tips on how to seamlessly convey changes to your clients. Moreover, we'll explore cutting-edge pricing strategies and dive into the essentials of change management, all tailored to strengthen and enhance your client relationships.

This session is not just about learning, but about equipping yourself to navigate the evolving landscape of the accounting world with confidence. Secure your spot now and invest in a future where you're always one step ahead.

About the session

What will be covered in this live webinar: 

  • Understanding the value of change
  • Pricing strategies for the modern accounting firm
  • Effective communication with clients
  • Managing change internally

Register to discover the keys to staying competitive and building strong client relationships in an ever-changing industry.

Meet your host

Elizabeth Manso CPA, the visionary behind Brigade, is reshaping the bookkeeping landscape.

With her mantra, "We're here to solve problems," she offers comprehensive solutions for businesses, blending her expertise in accounting services, business consultation, and financial reporting.

Brigade stands out through its tech-driven solutions and automation, simplifying complex problems and providing regular coaching. Elizabeth's personalized services and hand-picked accounting experts ensure that clients have an in-depth understanding of their financial landscape.

With Elizabeth, your business not only thrives today but also prepares for a dynamic future.