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58 mins 22 Mar 2024


Dawn Brolin's recovery & prevention guide

Join Dawn Brolin, CPA, CFE, in a compelling session that reveals how a flawed engagement process nearly derailed her practice and well-being.

This webinar isn't just a recount of challenges; it's a guide to strengthening your defence against legal threats. Gain essential insights and strategies to protect your practice, learning from Dawn's first-hand experience. Secure your spot now and empower yourself to navigate the legal landscape.

"If I can prevent even one practitioner from facing the nightmares I did, my mission is accomplished."

- Dawn Brolin

Why join?

In this live webinar, Dawn will provide: 

  • A candid recount of her lawsuit ordeal, pinpointing what her Letter of Engagement (LOE) lacked.
  • Practical tips for crafting a formidable Letter of Engagement.
  • Expert guidance on sourcing effective LOEs, including from E&O Insurance carriers.
  • Insights into E&O Insurance—its role and why it's indispensable for your practice.
  • Strategies to leverage technology like Ignition to diminish risks.