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Join us for an exclusive 3-part Masterclass webinar series designed specifically for accounting and bookkeeping professionals. This transformative webinar series brings together industry experts who will share their wealth of knowledge, success stories, best practices, and proven strategies to help you accelerate your business growth.

Discover our topics & hosts:

Session 1: How to effectively sell your services | June 20 @ 11am ET. Hosted by Ryan Lazanis of Future Firm

Session 2: How I started, scaled, and sold my firm | June 21 @ 12pm ET. Hosted by David DiNardo, Founder and CEO of Envolta Inc.

Session 3: Get your firm noticed online | June 22 @ 12pm ET. Hosted by Christian Jones from TaxProMarketer.

Webinars in the series

How to effectively sell your services

Join us for our Sales Masterclass, a transformative 1-hour session featuring special guest Ryan Lazanis of Future Firm. Gain expert insights and actionable strategies to increase your revenue, build confidence, and master the art of selling your services to new and existing clients.

How I started, scaled, and sold my firm

Join us for the story of how an accounting business when from starting to selling. Learning some things the hard way, and ultimately creating a successful acquisition of the cloud-first accounting firm Envolta Inc. David DiNardo, Founder and CEO, will be sharing his story and taking your questions. This is a webinar you won't want to miss as David shares stories from a CEO's journey, well-earned advice, and reflections on his entrepreneurial adventure.

Get your firm noticed online

Growing your firm starts with getting noticed! Join us for this webinar where we'll hear tips and tricks from Christian Jones from TaxProMarketer who has over a decade of experience marketing businesses. This session will cover reviewing your online presence, how to build awareness and generate traffic, and overall best practices for online marketing.