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61 mins 09 Feb 2024


Critical information tax professionals need to know

Don't let IRS Notices catch you off guard! Join Attorney and Tax Rep Network Founder, Eric Green, in this essential webinar for tax professionals. 

What you'll learn: 

  • How to avoid malpractice claims with Engagement Letters and proper documentation.
  • Strategies to identify critical IRS Correspondence for your clients.
  • Tips for responding to each form of IRS Notice, such as Notices of Deficiency and Tax Lien Filing.
  • How to leverage IRS Notice proposal templates crafted by Eric himself to protect yourself and your firm.

About the session

In this expert webinar, leading IRS Representation expert, Eric Green, Esq., will unveil everything you need to know about critical IRS Notices. Learn how to avoid costly malpractice suits by defending your firm from the start with fool-proof engagements, precise documentation, and proper handling of IRS Notices for your clients. 

Final Notices of Intent, Notices of Tax Lien Filing, Notices of Deficiency, etc. are all critical statutory forms that create legal deadlines. Eric will provide you with the knowledge and tools to respond to these notices like a pro and avoid costly mishaps. Prepare your firm with these essential strategies and register now!