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65 mins 10 Aug 2023

Have you recently been caught out by unexpected price increases by software vendors?

Can you afford to absorb these price increases as costs? Do you need to recharge some (or all) of it onto your clients? Or will you pass the billing on to them directly?

Join us for this timely discussion with Ryan Pearcy, Alex Falcon-Huerta & Will Farnell as they share what's worked for them in their firms when it comes to communicating software price increases and/or recharging these costs onto clients.

In the session, they'll cover:

  • Which software subscriptions do they recharge to clients and how that’s managed
  • Why Alex has switched to billing her clients directly for software
  • How Ryan charges for software separately and lets his clients know in advance that prices will increase
  • How to communicate software price increases (without looking like you're constantly asking your clients to pay more)
  • A forward view of how to manage and mitigate future vendor price increases (which will inevitably happen)