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53 mins 30 Aug 2023


Have you ever considered moving to a fixed-fee billing model but don’t know where to start?

Then this session is just what you need. Hosted by Georgia Smith—Key Accounts Team Manager at Ignition— and joined by guest panelist Rebecca Mihalic—Director at businessDEPOT—this 45-minute session will take you step-by-step through how to successfully move to a fixed fee model.

From understanding your client/service matrix and determining pricing, through to how to communicate the change with your clients and drive effective change management within your practice. Register for this must-attend session, and discover everything you need to make the change.

About the session

This must-attend session will cover:

  • What is fixed-fee billing & where time billing and fixed-fee crossover
  • Why 2023 is the year to move to fixed fees
  • How to move to fixed fees; understanding your client/service matrix & determining pricing
  • How to communicate the change to your clients and deal with objections
  • Why a robust engagement process is vital to success
  • How technology can help you manage implement and simplify the process