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PPC proposal template

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If you provide PPC or any paid advertising services to your clients you need a proposal template that ticks all the boxes. Present your service options professionally and collect payments from your clients all in a few easy steps with Ignition’s custom proposal templates.

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PPC proposal template
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What’s included?

  • A seamless and intuitive cloud-based interface to quickly build your own custom proposal template to reuse time and time again

  • Service summary including service terms

  • Billing schedule

  • Ability to collect client payment details upfront

  • Digital signing capability

  • Option to include a personalized message, video and brochure

How to create a custom template in Ignition

Simply create your proposal in Ignition by adding your services, choose how you want to bill your client, and save the proposal as a custom template to use as many times as you like! Use your custom template to send a proposal to your clients in minutes, with the scope of services and your terms and conditions clearly outlined in the online proposal, all professionally presented to your client.

Once your client accepts your proposal, payments are automatically collected and invoices are created and marked as paid in your ledger. Using Ignition’s world-class integrations you can reduce admin time and automate your accounts receivable.

Win over clients with impressive online proposals

Build your own proposal template in Ignition and watch the magic happen. Start your 14 day free trial today and see why more than 5,000 professional services businesses use Ignition to get their proposals out the door in minutes.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Ignition custom proposal templates enable you to create the perfect proposal and save it to use time and time again, so you can win over new clients fast. Creating an impressive online proposal in Ignition streamlines the entire way you do business with your clients. Our custom proposal templates not only speed up the client engagement process, but they leave a lasting impression on your clients.
Our proposal software puts you and your clients on the same page, right from the start. Our branded digital proposals are quick to prepare, easy to sign, and impressive to read.

Embed your own videos to add a personalized touch, or let us create branded company brochures tailored to your business.

With Ignition, you can collect payment details when clients review and sign your proposal to automate payment collection, right from day one. And by connecting Ignition with your business critical apps, automate your workflows and time-consuming tasks. You’ll never want to look at a Word document or PDF proposal again!
Yes, absolutely! You can easily edit your proposal to suit your specific client needs.

Replace the saved content in the template, such as the services, descriptions, billing rules, and more, to customize it to your business, services or client needs.

You'll need to create an Ignition account to use our proposal templates. You can use our readymade templates or create your own custom templates for free, as part of your 14 day trial. 

After your trial expires, you'll need to sign up to any one of our subscription plans to continue using our provided templates.

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