'Reconciling SaaS' Interview Series Unveils the Secrets of High-Growth Accounting
September 20th, 2023

'Reconciling SaaS' Interview Series Unveils the Secrets of High-Growth Accounting

Guy Pearson, CEO of Ignition, shines a light on innovators like Gareth Bryant (Scendar) and Lorilyn Wilson (Lake Oswego Tax) in the accounting sector.

Austin, Texas, September 20th — Ignition CEO and Co-Founder, and ex-accounting firm owner Guy Pearson today launched a new interview series 'Reconciling SaaS' for forward-thinking accountants that aspire to build high-growth, high-profit firms. 

Available on YouTube, Spotify or Apple Podcasts, Reconciling SaaS explores new technologies, innovative business models, emerging trends, and growth strategies that can drive success in the accounting profession. Each month, Guy will put a spotlight on successful accounting firm owners from across the globe to share valuable insights and practical takeaways for accountants with a vision for growth and profitability.

"If you are an accountant looking to build a high-growth and high-profit accounting firm and are interested in learning about new technologies, business models, trends, and growth strategies, you'll want to hear from these changemakers in the industry," says Guy Pearson, CEO of Ignition.

Guy founded Interactive Accounting (a progressive accounting firm now known as Scendar) in 2009, before stepping away to focus on co-founding Ignition (formerly known as Practice Ignition) in 2013. With over 25 years in the accounting industry, Guy is embarking on this interview series to showcase others and have open conversations about some of the challenges the accounting industry still faces. These conversations can fast-track firm growth by highlighting those driving significant change, efficiencies, and as a result, success so that others in the accounting, tax, and bookkeeping industry can learn and apply.

Key highlights of 'Reconciling SaaS' include:

  • In-depth interviews with industry experts and thought leaders.
  • Insights into the latest accounting technologies and their practical applications.
  • Strategies for enhancing profitability and efficiency in accounting firms.
  • A deep dive into the future of the accounting profession and how to stay ahead.

For the launch episode, Guy interviews Gareth Bryant, the CEO of Scendar, the firm Guy founded back in 2009. Scendar is an accounting and advisory practice better described as Finance as a Service (FaaS), focused on founders, funders, and startups. Gareth discusses why he moved from a traditional accounting firm to Interactive Accounting, key hires to make in the early days of your accounting firm, and his move into advisory services. 

Upcoming episodes also include Lorilyn Wilson, Owner of Lake Oswego Tax, and founder of Mad Woman Media. Among other things, Lorilyn is interested in how to solve the CPA pipeline crises the industry is facing. 

For more information, visit https://www.ignitionapp.com/reconciling-saas.

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