October 21st, 2021

Ignition and Gusto Partner to Launch First-Ever Integration to Accelerate Adoption and Knowledge of People Advisory

Accounting professionals can now unlock new revenue streams through People Advisory services, save time engaging clients and collecting payments for these new services.

Denver, Colorado, October 21st — Ignition, the world’s first client engagement and commerce platform for professional services, announced its partnership with Gusto today, during Gusto’s Next event. Serving over 200,000 small and medium-sized businesses worldwide, Gusto is a leading full-service payroll, HR and benefits platform committed to empowering its accounting partners to offer new, high-value client services.

“We’re very excited to partner with Gusto to roll out its People Advisory Accelerator program and to serve our mutual customers across the United States. It’s really great because it eliminates the friction of offering People Advisory services, and allows our customers to fast-track proposal creation, and billing for these services is simple and makes billing for Gusto software a breeze,” says Ryan Embree, Head of Partnerships Americas, Ignition. “With these technologies working in tandem, advisory services are now scalable. We’ve essentially taken the hassles out of bundling Gusto payroll subscriptions with People Advisory services. ”

For the first time, customers can connect Ignition and Gusto to access ready-made proposal templates within Ignition and automatically populate client and employee headcount specifics from Gusto to save time, streamline their payroll billing workflows, and easily upsell People Advisory services to new and existing clients.

As accounting professionals transition to offering business advisory as part of their core services, one of the greatest challenges remaining is confidently selling them to clients. That’s where the People Advisory Accelerator Program comes in. This course builds understanding around this integration and gives customers the tools needed to to understand People Advisory and take the first steps to include it into their service offerings.

“The future of accounting and bookkeeping is in advisory services, specifically people-focused guidance that’s robust and meaningful,”  says Will Lopez, Head of Accounting Community at Gusto. “We’re really excited to team up with Ignition to tap this dynamic growth opportunity, which is a major value-add for modern accountants and their clients.”

To learn more about Ignition, visit their website. For more information on Gusto or the People Advisory Accelerator Program, learn more here

About Ignition

Ignition is the world’s first client engagement and commerce platform for professional services businesses that transforms the way they engage clients and get paid. Thousands of businesses, including accountants and bookkeepers, all around the globe use Ignition to help them grow, be more efficient, and create win-win client relationships. With Ignition, businesses create long lasting, meaningful client relationships with impressive digital proposals and a clear scope of work, giving both parties clarity over the agreement, control through automated workflow and intelligence, and confidence around payments and receivables—all in one place. Ignition supports over 300,000 monthly client engagements worth over $1 billion USD globally with offices located in Australia, the USA, UK, Canada and New Zealand.

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