Getting Started

Get started with Ignition by enrolling in our course, or by following this one page guide!

There are two steps to kick start your Ignition journey:

  1. Quick setup guide
  2. Proposals and client billing tutorial

There are also some optional settings you can tweak to customize your Ignition account further if you wish. Once you're done, you'll know exactly how to use the core Ignition features!

To begin, let us take you on a quick tour of Ignition.

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If you don't have time, check out the main steps to follow below!

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Step 1 - Quick setup

Connect your ledger

Ignition integrates with both Xero & QuickBooks. This allows Ignition to automate your invoicing, charge your clients tax and give you access to your client list.

Select your cloud ledger from the Apps tab, connect to Ignition and configure a few necessary settings.

When your proposal is accepted, Ignition creates invoices in your ledger software automatically. It also marks them as paid when payments are collected and speeds up invoice reconciliation for you.

Review your terms templates

Your terms template (AKA engagement letter), is the fine print that's included with all your proposals.

You only have to set your terms template once. Your terms will be attached to all your proposals and helps to set expectations upfront. It also covers both you and your client from a legal perspective.

Add and customize your terms templates in Library → Terms, or you can start with our legally vetted industry standard terms that's included in your account.

Use placeholders to automatically insert client details into your terms.

Add your branding

Make a great first impression and keep your proposals professional by adding your custom branding.

Upload your logo and select your brand color to include it on all proposals and emails to your clients.

Complete this task under the Add your branding on the Get started page or in SettingsBranding.

Ignition payments

Payments are supported in AU, US, UK, CA and NZ.

Ignition payments allows you to collect payments automatically from your clients and it makes reconciliation a breeze.

You can also set proposals up so your clients can only accept them if they provide their payment details. This eliminates debtors from the start!

Set up Ignition payments by navigating to SettingsPayments. Follow the steps on the page to enter your bank details and enter some verification details.

You'll need to enter business and personal details and upload government-issued ID as required by the Know Your Customer (KYC) regulations process.
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Step 2 - Proposals and client billing

Watch this video (6 mins) to learn about proposal creation and how to manage client billing.

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Optional settings

These are optional settings you can tweak for more account customization.

Enable and tweak your proposal reminders and client emails in Settings → General.

Best practice:

  • Set your proposal reminders to 3 days and 3 reminders each to automatically remind your clients to accept. This maximizes your proposal acceptance rate and automates your follow up.

  • Toggle Invoice Emails on and toggle Payment Receipt Emails off. These are default settings but you can customize these invoice emails on a per client basis. This helps reduce client confusion and double billing.

Customize your payments settings in Settings → Payments if you are using Ignition payments.

Set your Collection Schedule to align with your Xero/QBO Invoice Terms (found here). This ensures that invoice due dates align with the day Ignition collects payment.

We recommend 7 days for Manual and same day for Automatic.

You can also tweak the default payment methods you accept in the Payment Policy section. We suggest leaving all enabled, but you can change this on a per proposal basis if you wish.

Control how you wish to display tax, either inclusive or exclusive within Settings → Taxes.

Note that service prices in your library are exclusive of tax.

You can also change the tax label to ensure that it's tailored for your region. (e.g. Australia GST)

If you wish, you can import services from your connected ledger in Services → Import.

Effortlessly bring your existing services from Xero or Quickbooks into Ignition to kick-start your client engagements. 

You can use this feature to build and customize your Ignition service library for proposal creation.

If you wish, you can customize your email templates in Library → Emails.


These are the automated emails sent to your client when the proposal is sent and also when it's accepted.


These are ready to use as-is but you can customize and format the text and even add URL’s or placeholders if you wish.

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