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BILLING AND PAYMENTS 1 mins 23 Mar 2023 by Pat Kuo
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Reasons to waive recurring fees

There are a number of reasons why you would want or need to waive recurring fees temporarily for your clients.

Typically, these reasons can include but aren’t not limited to:

  • Increasing customer loyalty

  • Providing a discount in case things go wrong

  • Using waived fees as a sales tool…etc

This article will show you how to waive fees temporarily or permanently in Ignition, depending on your situation!

How to waive recurring fees in Ignition

The prerequisite of waiving your recurring fees is to make sure that your client has accepted your proposal.

There are two ways that you can waive fees in Ignition:

  1. Temporarily via your client’s Billing Schedule

  2. Permanently by editing the active service.

Temporarily waiving fees via your client’s Billing Schedule

If you need to waive your recurring fees for a period of time, simply navigate to your client’s Billing Schedule tab.

From here, you can click the specific billing group of the services that you want to waive and then change the Billing mode to be billed Automatically.

Then, once they are in the Billed Manually section, select the services you are waiving → click Actions → Delete to delete them.

Permanently changing fees by editing the service

If you wish to permanently delete or change the fees of a particular service, navigate to your clients Services tab → Click on the desired service → Edit → Make edits to the price.

You can also email your client about the change by enabling the email toggle and compose a custom message if you wish. Click here to learn more about editing an active service.

We suggest always emailing your client about any changes to their services to ensure you have a record of communications and an activity trail to follow.

Please note: We are currently unable to do this in bulk. If you wish to do this in bulk we recommend the client renewal process.