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BILLING AND PAYMENTS 1 mins 20 Jun 2023 by Pat Kuo
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If you ever need to increase your prices for specific services across your entire client base, there’s a simple method in Ignition to identify and access these services.

In this article we’ll be reviewing how we use the Services Export CSV and the Agreed Service URL column to do this.

Identifying your active services

The first step is to export your active services.

To do this, navigate to your Clients tab and click Export → Active services.

Enter your desired Expiring on date. The services that expire on or beyond this date will be included in the CSV file.

Click Generate Report and download the CSV file that will be sent to your email.

Please note: This process exports active services accepted from the New Proposal Editor. Classic proposal services WILL NOT be included in this export.

Filtering in the active service export CSV file

Add a filter and filter for the service that you wish to change or increase prices for in column E “Service Name”.

Go through the filtered list and click on the Agreed Service URL individually and perform a service edit to increase the price.
When you are editing the active service, it’s best practice to enable the Email client toggle to notify your client of the change, but you have the option of not sending an email if you are already communicating this to your clients separately.

Use cases

Here are a few examples of scenarios where this process can be applied:

  1. When vendor subscriptions prices are increased (Xero, QBO…etc)
  2. You gain a new team member whose time is billed at a higher rate
  3. Increased yearly inflation rates and maintaining a healthy cash flow (we also suggest our bulk renewal process for this scenario)

  4. Changing the perceived value of your business

Future developments

We are aware that this process can be a bit tedious if you have numerous clients or active services. Our product team is currently hard at work researching and developing additional features to assist with performing pricing increases to specific services in bulk.

If you have a particular use case or would like to provide feedback, please reach out to your Account Manager or our Support Team at help@ignitionapp.com

Otherwise, stay tuned for future updates!

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