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It’s official: the Ignition integration into Xero HQ is now live.

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It’s official; the Ignition integration into Xero HQ is now live. This is the biggest news to come out of Xerocon South 2017 in Melbourne. The Ignition team are ecstatic to have been hand picked by Rod Drury and the Xero ecosystem group. We are one of 8 app partners to fully integrate and launch with Xero’s open API access to Xero HQ and we are bloody excited! Stay tuned for more further insights into what this means if you are currently running your practice on Xero HQ.

You’ll have heard Anna Curzon run through the announcements this morning at Xerocon South Melbourne 2017. This is the dawn of a new age for Xero users around the world. The opportunities that Xero HQ will present to firms are endless.

What is Xero HQ? It enables you to manage all your clients in one place.

Xero HQ brings all your client contacts together on one single client list – even those who aren’t using Xero. Choose how to group and organise the details, and create useful lists and views. If you’ve already got clients in Xero Practice Manager, you can sync them with Xero HQ.

Xero HQ was released by Xero nearly 9 months ago. It is a new platform for all Xero accountants and bookkeepers to manage their practice. It incorporates an activity feed, client list, explorer, and advisor directory into the Xero HQ Platform. This has evolved since launch and brought across certain features from Xero Partner Edition as well. Recently they’ve just launched an Outlook 365 integration, and today, at Xerocon South they’ve announced open API’s and integration with 8 of their most popular solutions used by Xero partners all around the world, including Ignition.

The new Ignition integration revolves around notifications that we can now send directly into Xero HQ when an action is taken, or a response is received. Here’s a list of the responses you’ll now start to receive after you’ve completed the integration:

  • Congratulations, ACME Widgets Pty Ltd accepted their first proposal

  • Proposal #12345 accepted

  • Commented on proposal #12345

  • Payment of $123.45 failed

  • Credit card for proposal #12345 is expiring soon

This is where our innovation with Xero HQ begins. The integration will allow a Xero firm to be completely in the know at all times with regards to a new proposal, payments, and future payments. We want to ensure that both you and your team are aware when actions are taken, or events have occurred within your practice. The integration provides to you the ability to keep your finger on the pulse and take action.

This will be a real game changer for Xero partners using the Ignition platform. Integrating Xero HQ to Ignition is as easy as pie. Simply click on the Apps tab from within Ignition tick the Xero HQ option and follow the prompts to connect your account.

If you need help connecting your account or you want to come and celebrate this EPIC milestone with us. Please drop by the Ignition stand at Xerocon South and give us a huge high five, chest bump, hug, or whatever best allows you to express your excitement with the team.

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Published 13 Sep 2017 Last updated 19 Mar 2024