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Understanding the importance of client engagements

Client engagements will revolutionise the way your practice operates. Rebecca Mihalic unpacks how.
YOUR BUSINESS 1 mins 13 Aug 2020 by Ignition Team

Have you ever had a fee dispute with one of your clients?

Have they ever been unhappy with the services that you’ve provided or the timeline that it’s taken to complete them?

If so then don’t worry — the vast majority of accountants have been in this very same position. But as it turns out, there’s an easy remedy to these all-too-common problems: client engagements.

In this eBook, we spell out why engagements form the backbone of any successful client relationship. We delve into:

  • The various benefits of client engagements
  • Up-to-date guidance from the Accounting Professional & Ethics Standard Board and Tax Professionals Board
  • Who you need to engage (and how often)
  • How Practice Ignition transforms the engagement process — making it as easy and efficient as possible

Client engagements will revolutionise the way that your practice operates. You’ll gain greater clarity, build stronger relationships, and will be more successful in the long run.

Check out the below eBook to begin your journey.

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Published 13 Aug 2020 Last updated 27 Oct 2022
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