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Announcing a deeper partnership with Gusto to help accountants and bookkeepers deliver more support.
PRODUCT 1 mins 18 Aug 2020 by Joshua Lance
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At Ignition, we’ve worked on forming partnerships with essential app partners to provide accountants and bookkeepers the best tools to run their firms and support their clients. This year, we worked with Gusto to provide a rapid response to COVID-19 via service templates to help accountants easily engage with their clients on services unique to this pandemic. Through that initiative, Ignition and Gusto was able to empower accounting professionals to further engage clients in assisting them in applying for the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP).

With the recent launch of People Advisory powered by Gusto, we’re excited to announce a deeper partnership with Gusto to help accountants and bookkeepers take the next step in delivering more support to small businesses. In collaboration with Gusto, Ignition will be providing accountants, bookkeepers, and tax professionals with People Advisory specific service and engagement letter templates - ready to use from day one. These proposal templates give accountants and bookkeepers the resources and tools they need to engage, onboard, and provide their clients with People Advisory.

As a People Advisor, you will combine your financial expertise with people-focused guidance to serve your clients better. You can help your clients with their payroll, identify the right benefits to provide for your clients’ employees and assist and advise your clients with their people operations. Ignition will help bring this new advisory service opportunity to a monthly, recurring reality for all your clients. And better yet, you’ll be able to manage People Advisory revenue, billing, profitability, and sales pipeline - to name a few.

Gusto Partners will be the first to utilize Ignition’s new proposal editor and client billing schedule, which allows your firm to sell and bill for your advisory service in new ways. One of the key improvements to Ignition’s proposal editor and billing system is support for unit-based billing. Billing this way will allow your firm to easily manage Gusto's people platform subscription cost when you bundle it into your monthly People Advisory service package. Your accounting practice will increase the fee charged to a client by the number of employees on payroll in Gusto or to bill hourly on a regular basis. This added flexibility gives accountants and bookkeepers a better way to bill their clients for services with variable amounts.

To learn more about the People Advisory Partnership, join our upcoming webinar on Wednesday 26 August at 1pm EST.

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Published 18 Aug 2020 Last updated 27 Oct 2022