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Our latest updates make it easier to set up automatic payments and respond to client changes.

INCREASE EFFICIENCY 3 mins 21 Apr 2023 by Dane Thomas
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Our latest updates make it easier to set up automatic payments and respond to scope of work changes at any stage of the client relationship.

In February 2023, we celebrated 10 years of Ignition. While we’re proud of reaching this milestone and the impact we've made to date, we’re even more excited by what comes next.

If 10 years has taught us anything, it’s that your client relationships are continually evolving and provide multiple opportunities to grow, engage clients and get paid. This year we’re focused on expanding our platform capabilities so you can leverage more automation throughout the entirety of your client interactions.

Here’s how we’ve started 2023.

Requesting individual or bulk client payment methods

It’s not too late to make a New Year's resolution. If you’re still chasing late payments, then it’s never been easier to switch to Ignition’s automated payments.

If you haven't captured payment details upfront as part of your proposal, you can now securely collect payment details from clients and set up automatic payments with a few clicks.

You’ll be able to identify clients without a saved payment method in Ignition, send a request from Ignition for the types of payment method you accept, and track the status of your request against your client records.

Learn more about requesting client payment methods.

Manage scope changes more effectively by easily editing services after your proposal has been accepted

Scope creep can be a sign that your client is growing, and with growth comes change. Rather than knocking it back or writing it off, you can use this as an opportunity to boost revenue and expand your client services.

Key to this is making sure that as accounting and tax professionals you’re on the same page as your clients right from the start. Being in sync not only minimizes surprises, but also sets up both you and your clients for success, helping to ensure you can bill and get paid for any additional work you do.

In Ignition, you now have the flexibility to edit services that have already been accepted by your client. You can change the service description, price, quantity or billing schedule – making it easier to manage and get paid for any changes in scope throughout the client engagement.

Learn more about editing active services.

Understand your pipeline better with the new ‘Completed’ status for proposals

Work more efficiently with a better view of which client proposals you’ve completed work for. The new ‘completed status’ proposal state indicates when all services from a proposal are inactive, so you can more easily identify when an agreement has ended and may require a new engagement, or client conversation.

Completed proposals will be accessible from your Client summary and filterable from Pipeline. We’ve also introduced a complementary Zapier trigger so you can set up automate tasks in other apps you use when a proposal is completed.

Learn more about the Completed status

Make a stronger impression with more branding on your online proposals

We know first impressions are important, so we’ve made a number of aesthetic improvements to our proposals to make them clearer, easier to navigate and provide more opportunities to showcase your branding.

With our new simplified design, your clients can easily compare and select from different package options within your proposal. Proposal options can help you streamline your sales process and upsell services without having to go back and forth with the client.

Learn more about proposal options

What’s coming next this quarter?

We have numerous improvements underway to make it easier to engage existing clients, and we think you’ll be just as excited about them as we are. Renewing your client engagements can be a time-consuming task, especially when renewing multiple clients at the same time. We’re working on a streamlined process for renewing your engagements so you can spend less time on admin and more time on your services, and growing the business.

We’re also exploring ways to help you engage your existing clients faster by automatically importing information from your ledger. Stay tuned – there’s a lot more to come.

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Published 21 Apr 2023 Last updated 19 Mar 2024