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Reviewing the incredible new features added to Ignition in the first three months of 2018.

INCREASE EFFICIENCY 3 mins 03 Apr 2018 by Tom Maxwell
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Following a busy 2017, The Ignition team got straight back to it in the first quarter of 2018. Take a moment to look back over the first three months and the releases that make Ignition users jump for joy (literally).

Source: Xero Community review

Custom Monthly Recurring Billing

This update allows you to select a different billing (and payment collection) day of the month for every single client .

This update aims to solve common cash-flow challenges in Professional Services businesses. Better still, Custom Monthly Recurring Billing provides even more flexibility to your clients. Take a moment to read this deep dive into the benefits of Custom Monthly Recurring Billing.

Last Day Of The Month Billing

Do you bill your monthly services in arrears? Excellent! You've received an important update to the billing engine in Ignition. Before January, advisors could only choose the 28th of the month if they were billing in arrears. This meant it was impossible to set a consistent due date or payment collection date. This is not the ideal client experience you'd want to provide.

Now, you can select the last day of the month as the default setting (navigate to your general settings). You can also choose the last day of the month for each proposal you create.

Proposal Names

You now have the ability to give your proposal a name.

Why is this helpful?

Naming a proposal improves the discoverability of the proposals in your Ignition account. Here are a few ways that Proposal Names help you get even more out of Ignition:

  • If you like, you can send multiple proposals to the same client (i.e. project vs. recurring work, or phases of a project). Proposal Names helps you identify which is which at a glance.
  • Similarly, if you want to send a prospective client multiple options, naming your proposal will help you identify the options you’ve provided in your account.

  • Perhaps you want to quickly identify a proposal specific to the current year versus previous years. This helps especially when you want to use rollovers to renew a contract for the next year.

  • A new prospect has a similar scope of work to a current client of yours. Search for the proposal name so you can duplicate the proposal and give yourself a head start.

Import Contacts from QBO and Xero

This update will save you hours of work and prevent duplicate records. Your Xero or QBO contacts are now imported into Ignition. Rather than having to create your client, or performing an export/import via CSV, you select your client while you are creating your proposal.

You can easily identify clients that have been imported from QBO or Xero versus clients that already have a record in Ignition. Any imported client records will display the QBO or Xero logo in the client list.

Rich Text for Personalized Message

If you want to win more proposals this year, the personalized message is a must-use Ignition feature.

Ignition Power-users take advantage of the personalized message in every single proposal they send to:

  • guarantee your client sees the most important information,
  • to confirm specific details,
  • or just to say thank you.
With this update, formatting the message is a breeze. Apply headers, bold, italics, and much more, at the click of a button. You can even wow your new client by embedding a link to a personalized video, which walks your client through the proposal. Click here to see how you can easily do that today.

That’s a wrap for the first Quarter of 2018.

The next quarter is shaping up to be equally as productive! Thanks to your continued support, we will be releasing some truly exciting updates to the app in the coming months. You can keep a close eye on upcoming features (and submit new ideas) in the product portal. You can also get early access to BETA features in Labs. Until the next release, and as always, onwards and upwards!

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Published 03 Apr 2018 Last updated 19 Mar 2024