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59 mins 27 Apr 2023

After the tax season is over, you may shift your focus to a crucial matter for accounting and tax experts: retrieving late payments. However, you can avoid this recurring cycle and protect your financial flow by becoming a debt-free enterprise. By adopting a growth-oriented approach, establishing an efficient invoicing system, and effectively conveying your worth to clients, you can stay ahead of the competition and manage your financial prospects.

Join Carl Reader's discussion with Ria-Jaine Lincoln and Alan Woods as they share practical guidance on how you can diagnose and resolve the problem of outstanding receivables, improve your cash flow, and ultimately increase your profitability by achieving a zero debtors business.

About the session

Carl Reader (d&t) will be talking to Ria-Jaine Lincoln (The Beauty Accountant) and Alan Woods (Woods Squared) about:

  • Why debtors are a problem
  • How you can improve your cash flow
  • How to communicate with your clients about the value of your services
  • Transitioning to a recurring revenue model