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39 mins 30 Mar 2023

Join us for a one-hour panel discussion webinar on how to get paid on time, every time. Industry experts Laurianne Lachapelle, Director at Code Marketing and Viraaj Solanki, President of Digital Tank Marketing Agency, will be sharing their experience with Ignition to streamline their billing and payment processes.

In this webinar, you will discover the benefits of Ignition for your marketing agency and how it can improve your cash flow while automating proposals, billing and payment collection. Whether you’re a digital, brand or creative agency, this is a must-attend event for owners and operators seeking to optimize how they run their agency.

About the webinar

Register for this free session where we will:

  • Identify the challenges that agencies face in their billing and payments process
  • Discuss how Ignition can help automate proposals, billing, and payments to eliminate A/R
  • Hear firsthand insights from our expert panelists about their experience with Ignition
Laurianne Lachapelle
"Ignition gives our clients a seamless experience. Our proposals have a professional look and feel, and the pre-authorized payments make it easy for clients to pay, while giving us security that we'll get paid"

Laurianne Lachapelle , Director of Finance, Talent and Culture Code Marketing

"My digital agency grew from 15 to 80+ clients in less than a year and I knew I wouldn’t be able to scale quickly if I kept manually billing and preparing custom proposals for each client. By using Ignition, I get proposals out the door in minutes, eliminate my A/R and have clean books perfectly synced to my ledger – all in one place. With Ignition, I no longer worry about cash flow and spend my time focused on strategic growth."