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Ignition makes doing business with clients not only easy but rewarding, too. Over the past quarter, we’ve added even more capability within the Ignition platform to empower you to sell with greater confidence – all designed with efficiency in mind. Let’s take a look at what’s new in Ignition. 

INCREASE EFFICIENCY 2 mins 12 Apr 2024 by Jason Prowd
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Ignition Quarterly Product Update

Discover what’s new in Ignition! Join Isabelle Miller — Senior Key Account Manager — and Farzan Maghami — Principal Product Manager — as they share the latest product updates from Ignition to help you breeze through EOFY. Plus, get a sneak peek at what’s coming soon. This is an unmissable webinar for new and existing Ignition users who want to get the most out of Ignition.

AI-powered services: Quickly craft professional service descriptions

Effectively communicating to clients all the value you offer can be challenging for many accounting and professional services businesses. With the help of AI, we’ve made this much simpler. You can now quickly craft professional service descriptions using AI directly within Ignition to sell with greater confidence – and save time in the process. 

Create or enhance your services with compelling descriptions that clearly define the scope of services in language your clients understand for a better client experience.

See how AI-powered service descriptions work

Service import: Instantly import existing services for faster proposals

Whether you’re new to Ignition or have been with us for a while, building out a winning library of services has never been easier with the new service import. Instantly import your services into Ignition from Xero or QuickBooks Online to unlock revenue with rapid setup and quicker proposal turnaround times. Then, take things up a notch by enhancing your service descriptions using AI straight from within Ignition. 

See how service import works

Custom email branding: Win clients over with a polished experience

Looking polished and professional across all client touchpoints is just one way Ignition helps you win. In addition to professionally branded proposals, you can now add your own branding to client emails sent via Ignition, too. 

Your clients will receive a consistent, professional experience when interacting with your brand that you can confidently stand behind – leaving a lasting impression that wins them over every time. 

Learn more about client emails

New integration: Connect Ignition with MYOB to unlock efficiency and profitability

With our latest integration, Australian and New Zealand accounting and bookkeeping professionals can breeze through mundane admin. Ignition now seamlessly integrates with MYOB to help you engage clients, bill and get paid. 

Unlock efficiency and profitability by giving clients a polished proposal experience, then once they sign, sit back as Ignition collects the payment, creates the invoice in MYOB and marks it as paid automatically. 

See how the MYOB integration works

Direct debit: Now available for New Zealand customers

The good news just keeps coming for our New Zealand friends! Automate client payments in Ignition and offer clients convenient ways to pay upfront using credit or debit card, direct debit, or Apple Pay and Google Pay for a hassle-free experience for everyone that eliminates debtors for your business. 

Learn more about Ignition’s automated payments

What’s coming next

We’ll soon be launching a suite of new features to support your firm’s revenue goals. These include: more ways to upsell your services; the ability to display discounts front and centre to communicate added value to clients; better visibility over upcoming manual billings so you can get paid faster for completed work – and much more!  

Dive in, try these new capabilities in your business, and let's make this next quarter your most efficient yet.

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Published 12 Apr 2024 Last updated 19 Apr 2024