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LEVERAGE TECHNOLOGY 4 mins 25 Jul 2023 by Kasey Clark
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The countdown is on to Xerocon Sydney 2023, the epic two-day cloud accounting conference where accountants and bookkeepers can connect and get inspired – and have fun doing it. This year’s event is set for 23rd to 24th August at International Convention Centre Sydney (ICC Sydney).

Get ready for an inspiring couple of days with Rebecca Mihalic, Ignition’s Head of Accounting (APAC) and Jeannie Savage, Founder of the Strategic Bookkeeper who will be on hand at the Ignition stand to answer your questions and provide real-life insights on using Ignition in your practice. You can also expect hands-on demos from the Ignition team (pre-book yours right here), plus problem-solving discussions, and insightful real-life case studies.

As well as the exhibition hall, there’s a packed lineup of guest speakers on the mainstage and for breakout sessions.

Here, Rebecca Mihalic shares her pre-event thoughts on how you and your team can masterfully navigate Xerocon and maximise your conference experience. Get tips below on how to navigate the exhibition hall and a sneak peek into Ignition’s exclusive pre-conference party on Tuesday 22nd August.

Go-to conference sessions for every accountant and bookkeeper

“Xerocon kicks off like a huge party every time,” says Rebecca Mihalic. "It's always about hype and energy, and really sets the scene for a great two days of learning and fun."

This year's not-to-be-missed sessions include a keynote by sustainability advocate and Sea Forest CEO Sam Elsom, who Rebecca Mihalic expects will really give the crowd something to think about. "Although many of us may not be working with clients every day that are currently considering sustainability in their businesses, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t be prepared for change in the future," she says.

Xero’s new CEO Sukhinder Singh Cassidy will also be hitting the stage for the first time at Xerocon. “I’m looking forward to hearing from her and understanding more about where she sees Xero going in the future,” says Rebecca Mihalic.

Finally, she says, given the serious capacity and resourcing issues facing the accounting and bookkeeping industry, don't pass up Day 2’s session on Refreshing your practice and attracting talent.

'Any learnings we can get to help us attract the best people and make accounting sexy again is high on my must-attend list,' says Rebecca Mihalic

Rebecca Mihalic’s top picks for herself – and how to choose yours

Applying practical knowledge to her practice and client work is a philosophy that Rebecca Mihalic firmly believes in, and Xerocon's breakout sessions are her top picks for such immersive learning experiences. This year, that means hitting the session Master reporting and insights in Xero. "Accountants and bookkeepers do so much reporting beyond just compliance for our clients,” she says. “And I'm looking forward to seeing how Xero analytics can help us ramp that up."

Another not-to-be-missed session for Rebecca Mihalic? Cybersecurity trends you need to know about. “This is a very hot and important topic,” she says, “especially in Australia, as we are now in the thick of tax time, with scams and cyberattacks coming hard and fast. It’s good to stay up to date in this space.”

As you plan your own Xerocon itinerary, consider prioritising sessions that address your practice's needs and your clients' expectations, as Rebecca Mihalic does. Tailor your Xerocon experience to the unique requirements of your role and your firm for maximum benefit.

Spark up some conversations in the exhibition hall – and at Ignition’s booth

This suggestion also holds true for the exhibition hall at Xerocon Sydney, which can be an absolute treasure trove if you know how to navigate it effectively. These are some tips and tricks to help you make the most out of it:

  • Seek out software and automation tools that align with your firm's processes. Look beyond flashy features and focus on platforms that will generate a return on investment and can address your firm’s unique challenges. Automation tools particularly should help your firm run more efficiently and more profitably. These should integrate with your existing apps to automate workflows and free up your valuable time.

  • Every business is unique. Your business processes and how you work with your clients should guide you to the right technology solutions.

  • Prioritise the exhibitors to meet with based on your practice needs. Rather than trying to cover everything, focus on what will be most beneficial for you.

  • Prepare a set of questions for exhibitors. Ask how their solutions can resolve your specific issues – for example late payments, unbilled work, or inefficient processes. This will help you further gauge the potential value of their offerings.

  • Understand the unique offers of each exhibitor. This could mean special discounts, exclusive features, or unique collaborations available only at Xerocon. Do some pre-event research before you go, so you can ask questions at the event stand.

  • Create your target list of exhibitors. This will help you manage your time effectively and ensure that you connect with the vendors who are most relevant to you.

Ready to get your Precon?

If you’re keen to start your Xerocon experience early, the return of #IgnitionPrecon – Ignition's Precon Party on Tuesday 22 August – promises to ignite the right tone.

'Precon is always the best way to kick off Xerocon,” says Rebecca Mihalic. “It's a brilliant way to catch up with your peers before the conference in a really fun environment. Perfect to shake you out of work mode and prepare you for two great days at the conference.'

Over to you

Ready to zero in on Xerocon Sydney 2023? Register now for #IgnitionPrecon, the highly anticipated party of the year! Let's fuel up for two amazing days. Also, make sure to prebook your 15-minute demo at the Ignition stand. We're excited to see you there!

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