Mark Bartels

Chief Financial Officer Ignition

Mark Bartels is an accomplished financial executive with deep expertise in small business software and consumer internet. He currently serves as the Chief Financial Officer at Ignition, the world's first client engagement and commerce platform. Mark is a Chartered Accountant with a career spanning several decades, during which he has played a key role in the financial management of numerous businesses.

As the CFO of Ignition, Mark is responsible for overseeing the company's financial strategy and operations. He is known for his analytical skills and strategic thinking, which have helped him to identify new growth opportunities and streamline financial processes.

Beyond his professional achievements, Mark leads an active lifestyle and prioritizes his physical well-being. He enjoys swimming, surfing, and practicing yoga, which help him maintain focus and clarity in his personal and professional pursuits.

With his extensive financial expertise and passion for helping businesses succeed, Mark is a valued member of the Ignition team. He is committed to providing top-tier financial advice and support to clients, enabling them to achieve their strategic objectives and thrive in today's competitive business landscape.