Setting goals that don't change with the wind

Rise Business Solutions
Dominic Papaluca, Director

Rise Business Solutions operates out of Perth with around 440 client groups. The firm's revenue is split 50% from wheat/sheep farming clients and 50% from city-based businesses. They are a sole practitioner practice, with 6 professional staff and 2 admin.

About Rise Business Solutions

Dominic Papaluca founded Rise Business Solutions 20 years ago with a singular guiding principle: People do better when they know better. Since then, Rise’s goal has been to arm clients with the financial information they need to succeed, while also keeping them ahead of the curve by operating with a firm 12 month outlook.

The Challenge

Until late 2015, Dominic had been unable to find a tool that would allow him to track his proposals, payments, expenses, and revenue goals in one place. Rise was stuck using multiple tools to perform numerous different functions: Excel, Word, PDF, Xero, and plenty of telephone calls trying to track down unpaid accounts after the fact.

As a result, Dominic was forced to hire an additional admin resource just to keep track of all the paperwork. Setting and achieving new goals for Rise’s growth as a company was nearly impossible as financial information such as recurring revenue, potential income, and expenses were managed amongst disparate platforms.

The Solution

“PI gave me the confidence to change my whole business model.”

When Dominic first discovered Practice Ignition, he instantly knew that it was the all-in-one tool he had been searching for. Upon beginning to engage all new clients with PI’s payment-enabled fixed-price template, Rise no longer needed to struggle with timesheets, write-offs, billing upon completion, or chasing down unpaid accounts.

PI’s new dashboard functionality provided Dominic with real-time information on the company’s financial outlook for the year, including budget, accepted proposals (broken down by month!), and potential income from pending proposals; categorizing this information into one-time payments and recurring income.

The Outcome

"Our next goal is to take our revenue from $1.5M to $1.65M in 2017."

PI streamlined so many of Rise’s daily tasks that Dominic was able to reduce his administrative staff and add another accountant to the team, increasing the company’s capacity for new clients. Best of all, Dominic can rest assured knowing that all fees will be agreed upon (and paid!) up front.

PI’s expanded dashboard capabilities placed all of Rise’s financial information on one screen, making it easy to set manageable goals and monitor their progress on a daily basis. The first goal that Dominic set was to earn $20K per month in recurring income- a target that Rise was able to hit within the first two months! PI’s dashboard enhanced the revenue pipeline visibility to such an extent that Dominic became more eager than ever to follow up with clients and implement new solutions to bring Rise closer to the finish line.

Being able to track adoption rates of Rise’s services provided Dominic with some surprises. Knowing which services were being underutilized enabled him to set the goal of increasing his clients’ awareness of Rise’s full service offering.

Using Practice Ignition has completely changed the way that Rise Business Solutions operates. Not only have PI’s proposal and payment capabilities streamlined Rise’s client interactions, but the program’s dashboard has supercharged Dominic’s ability to forecast his revenue and plan ahead for the future of the company. Now able to set targets and track progress in a measurable fashion, it’s clear that with the help of PI, unprecedented success is on the horizon for Rise Business Solutions.

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