Satisfying the future generation

Quan Ly, Partner

We service millennials who have cool and innovative ideas. We have a sweet spot for service based businesses specifically those in the creative, fashion, and health/wellness space. We currently have around 70 clients and have a team of 8 (including myself and my business partner).

McRally before Practice Ignition

McRally 's old process, before implementing Practice Ignition, was manually driven. Each engagement letter was manually drafted in MS Word based on a template and we had to stay on top of our billings. The process was excruciating and inefficient.

McRally meets Practice Ignition

PI has saved us heaps of time with quoting clients and onboarding. This process used to take days at my previous firm. With PI, we can get a client signed and onboarded in a matter of minutes! We also love the recurring invoice feature. It's a set it and forget it feature that has our invoicing process automated.

Being a cloud-based firm, this software is a big reason why we can work from anywhere at anytime. PI's simplicity and robustness allows us to maximize our time on client service rather than administrative tasks.

McRally now

We love being able to provide a quote based on standardized prices and terms to our clients in a matter of minutes. We get clients onboard and start servicing them right away without any delays. PI has dashboards and simple tools for tracking leads which allows us to effectively manage our sales funnel.

What's next?

We are aiming for 3x growth in 2017. With the help of PI, client acquisition will be quick and seamless.

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