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Cone Accounting
Ben Nacca, Director

Cone Accounting has been around for almost 3 years now. Formerly under a previous name but we rebranded in July to bring the company image more in line with how we actually operate.

About us

We use Practice Ignition for all of our proposals to clients and have a tech/app solution for pretty much everything in the business. We are cloud only and work with Xero to help creative entrepreneurs unlock their potential and grow. We've tripled in client numbers, largely part to the clear proposal system thanks to PI!

Cone Accounting before Practice Ignition

We used to use email for our proposals at the very beginning but we've used Practice Ignition since very early on at Cone Accounting.

Cone Accounting meets Practice Ignition

One of our pain points was the appearance of our proposals. Now our proposals are nice and easy for the client to understand while looking professional and modern too. Practice Ignition helps to break down the pricing as well, so that our clients feel comfortable they are getting value for their money.

A huge advantage Practice Ignition provides us is being able to build proposals with a client, either in person or over the phone, and deliver it to their inbox to discuss. We receive great feedback from clients on how clear the pricing is displayed.

Cone Accounting now

We keep growing month on month and we see a pretty good acceptance rate with our proposals. Practice Ignition helps as we can build the proposals, talk through them with a client and even amend changes based on feedback and resend - it's super easy to use and it has streamlined the process. Not to mention we can put our T&C's and engagement letters all within this as well so it's just one signature now, instead of multiple signatures.

What’s next?

Practice Ignition can help us to continue our growth and upsell to our existing clients. The re-engagement feature works really well as it helps us assess the client's fees each year and see if they need anything else or if their circumstances have changed as well. Usually these can be done during the year as and when but the reminder that an accepted proposal is coming close to the expiration date helps to focus on renewing these particular clients.

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