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Brutal Pixie
Leticia Mooney, Director

Brutal Pixie provides content strategy to the legal profession. We intend to improve the communication of 50 law firms by 2020, because we believe access to justice is important. We are three years and three months old and headquartered in Adelaide.

Brutal Pixie before Practice Ignition

Every bit of our onboarding process was manual. Our proposals were templated. Our invoices were manually generated. We had to chase payments. Our revenue figures weren't as easy as they are now. Counting status of clients was manual. Onboarding required phone calls and physical meetings.

Also, now the partners we supply can just go to links to create their OWN proposals, which makes that work flow easier too.

Brutal Pixie meets Practice Ignition

When I started using Practice Ignition it would take me three hours to get my proposals right. Then I had to get signatures and invoice separately. Now sending a proposal takes 10 minutes, immediate payment is easy, and all comms around the contract is in the one place.

Practice Ignition has given me real cash flow prediction. I'm the 1% of business that isn't an accountant who reads and reports on all my financial weekly. Practice Ignition tells me REAL income as far forwards as client agreements are signed. It's a step beyond attempting to predict cash flow; It's real revenue, and I've got real revenue figures 6+ months in advance. Huge, huge advantage.

Brutal Pixie now

Brutal Pixie is diving headlong into specific systems creation for every part of the business, and believe it or not, that has been helped along by PI. The not-talked-about benefit of PI is that its services breakdown gets you on that path earlier. It's not just about financial figures; the benefit is deeper because it forces you to think about how you present your proposals and, by in order to do that, how your services are structured.

What’s next?

I have specific revenue targets and because of PI's charting I have a real sense as to how far away I am from them, which is massive. My goals are to grow a business that provides such a huge amount of value that our clients routinely ask to pay us more.

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