A virtual business was the obvious choice

Cyndi Thomason, President & Founder

Cyndi left her corporate career to be a stay at home mom, and as her daughter grew up, she started her business to help out a friend. To hold onto her time with family and to enjoy outdoor activities, Cyndi chose to keep things online. Now, she works in the Ozark Mountains and hikes around the Buffalo National River.

About Bookskeep

I founded Bookskeep in 2014 as I saw businesses in Northwest Arkansas fighting to survive. Shortly after our inception, we decided to specialize in E-commerce and Creative Professional firms. Our primary mission is to guide these businesses to entrepreneurial freedom.

Bookskeep is now a virtual team of 8 employees that serves clients all over the world. Our team members are located across the US. One of our core values is flexibility for our team because we want to have more time with our children or need to help with aging parents. Many of our clients want the flexible lifestyle available with E-Commerce business, so they also understand and appreciate that aspect of our business.

In late 2014, I attended QuickBooks Connect. While there, I met Mike Michalowicz (Profit First) and was introduced to Practice Ignition. Both were high points of my trip.

I knew the Profit First system would be a huge help for my existing clients and potentially attract future clients. Working with Profit First Professionals, my firm has grown from 12 clients to over 75 this year.

Practice Ignition presented the ability to remove a lot of the day-to-day tasks that kept me from focusing more fully on my clients. Without Practice Ignition, the kind of growth we have experienced would have buried me under a mountain of administrative details.

The Problem

Before Practice Ignition, we spent hours formatting electronic documents and begging potential clients to sign them. We would send invoices and reminders and debate when to halt work because we were doing too much without payment.

The Fix

  1. Smart Proposals - We love how easy it is to build proposals and customize an invoice schedule. We require our clients add their payment information before they sign the proposal. We get paid as we start work! And, it's so little effort to create a proposal, send, and collect payment all in one process.

  2. Automatic Payments - Automatic payments takes away hours of invoicing time. I can't imagine going back to tracking hours and sending invoices, then multiple reminders. This process manages itself so I can make sure we are providing good service.

  3. Business Insights - The visibility of contracts and payments on the dashboard out months in advance allows me to see into the future and plan for the impact on our workload.

  4. Integrations - Because PI connects to QuickBooks Online, my invoices and payments flow in directly without any management from me. This automation is another huge time savings that comes with using PI. My firm grew rapidly over the past two years. This growth would not have occurred without PI. We would have been consumed by the time required for processing contracts and invoices.

Cyndi's Pro Tip

We depend on the weekly email summary of activity to manage contract renewals and expiring credit cards, etc. What had been tracked through spreadsheets, now is easily managed through a weekly review of this email.

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