Nurturing the client relationship

Amplify LLP
Kyle Turriff, Client On-boarding Office

We are located in Guelph, Ontario, Canada. Our practice has been around for about a year and a half. We are a sister firm to RLB LLP (A top 30 largest accounting firm in Canada and a Top 50 Employer).

About Amplify LLP

Amplify services a rapidly growing client base from all over Canada. We simplify the lives of sole proprietors all the way to owners of multi-national consulting firms. We pride ourselves in delivering on our promise to "Simplify your life & Amplify your business" and have the ability to grow with our clients.

Amplify LLP before Practice Ignition

Our onboarding was sloppy, segmented, and slow.

We would .PDF engagement letters to our clients (created in Word). Even with electronic signature availability, this wasn't a great client experience. At the very least it was what everyone else was doing.

Getting proposals approved and customized took a long time and the turnaround time was rarely acceptable.

Amplify LLP meets Practice Ignition

Building standardized proposals took a lot of time and was a big pain point that Practice Ignition helped us address. This coupled with tracking monthly recurring billing and reconciling of payments was going to be hard to manage at scale, but Practice Ignition has made this process a breeze.

The biggest advantage Practice Ignition has provided us, is an enhanced client experience. It has allowed us to further deliver on our promise of simplifying our client's lives. A nice byproduct is that it affords us, even more, time to focus on our client's needs versus managing back-office processes.

Amplify LLP now

From the day Amplify implemented Practice Ignition the firm has grown. And with the handy dashboard reporting in PI, we have a one-stop shop for tracking that! I have sent PI proposals to all 3 of Canada's coasts. It is great to be able to show clients how simple we can make their lives - right from the start.

What’s Next

Our future goals include growing our client base and constantly improving our relationship with our clients.

Practice Ignition is helping us do both by streamlining what used to be a painful process for all parties involved. Ever since we got to know Guy, Tom, Lizzy and the rest of the team, we have had a partner in growing our firm.

We look forward to what is coming next from PI!

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