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Between data breaches and active shooters, people are becoming more aware of security issues. Everyone deserves to feel safe on-site, and business owners are beginning to understand the high costs of failing to protect their property and the people on-site.

As such, businesses of all sizes are investing in security services that cover all the bases—physical threats, personal information, trade secrets, and internal fraud.

As a leader in your industry, we know you have a lot to protect. Whether that’s data and equipment or people and ideas, a good security program allows you to breathe a sigh of relief and focus on achieving your goals.

So, how do the Security Xperts help?

Well, for starters, we provide a systematic approach to protecting what’s important to you—so, we’ll kick things off with a consultation.

You’ll meet with our team, and we’ll talk about your security concern and goals.

From there, we’ll develop a strategy and look at some potential service options. Choose between standing guards, patrol services, extra security for special events—or we’ll hook you up with a custom security package.

In any case, our job is to make you, your staff, and your visitors feel safe. While we make recommendations — regarding equipment and best practices, we know that each client requires special attention.

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Security Proposal Template

Tom Maxwell

Hi Joanne,

It was lovely meeting you earlier today.

As promised, I've put together a proposal for you to view.

Tab through to see our pricing and terms of service.

When you're ready to proceed, just enter your payment details and sign the dotted line.

We're excited to work with you!



Your Summary
Patrol Services

Patrol service makes sense for companies that have an established security system in place but want to add an extra layer of protection. Our guards function as a high-visibility deterrent and can dramatically reduce on-site criminal activity, vandalism, and loitering.

This service provides an alternative to a standing guard—you’ll have the option to decide whether you want to the guard to walk the grounds in uniform or drive around the property in a marked patrol vehicle.

Benefits associated with this service include parking enforcement, fast action against illegal activity, property lock up, perimeter checks—and peace of mind.

We recommend this option to operations that span a large area—warehouses, hotels, construction sites, gated communities, apartments, business parks, you get the idea.

On-Site Guard Services

On-site standing security guards are one of our most popular options. We offer a selection of options based on need—24/7 monitoring, day patrol, and night patrol. In addition to staffing your facility with trained, licensed, and bonded security pros, we help you develop a security plan powered by the latest technology—so nothing slips through the cracks.

Should you decide to use this service, we’ll send a team lead to your location to evaluate the space. During this initial consultation, we’ll make equipment recommendations and come up with a plan for securing the site, cutting back on illicit activity from the get-go.

From there, we’ll install cameras and pair you with a security team there to enforce rules, prevent vandalism, and maintain a peaceful state of affairs.

Payment Schedule
Recurring Total
Patrol Services
Including $300.00 GST
Estimate Total
On-Site Guard Services
Including $2.50 GST
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Sign & Accept

Please read your terms of service as it contains important information.

Our firm will provide the services outlined above—and this letter serves to confirm our mutual understanding of the service provided. Please review the terms below and sign.

Scope and Purpose of Service

Our security team will protect your property, personnel, and premises according to the descriptions outlined above. We will monitor your property, recommend and install equipment, and take action in the event of a security issue.

The client will cover the equipment costs. You will have the option to purchase from us or source equipment on your own.


To properly execute the terms of this agreement, you must grant us complete authority to access the property protected under this agreement.

If we become aware of a security threat, we have the authority to take the appropriate steps. While we will attempt to reach you to obtain instruction, you must understand that we will take reasonable steps to protect your staff and property, at your expense.

Finally, you must provide a point of contact with full authority to make decisions about security matters, as well as the terms of this agreement.


The billing cycle will commence on the date specified in the agreement, and your account will be charged on (date) of each month moving forward.

Contract terms include 12 months of continued service, which may be renewed at the end of the arrangement. Any request for change must be submitted in writing and confirmed by both parties.


While our purpose is to protect your organization, we will not be liable for lost profits, injury, or damage either incurred by your company or indirectly by one of our staff.

As such, you are responsible for providing insurance that covers any potential source of loss, damage, or injury.


In the case of early termination, the client must provide a minimum 30-days notice.

While a cause is not required to terminate the contract, the client will be charged a $2500 fee for breaking the agreement.

Upon early termination, the security guards must provide all copies of keys, equipment, and other property belonging to the client.

Confirmation of Terms of Service

This agreement goes into effect on signing. Please review the above terms and return the signed copy to indicate your understanding of the contract.

End security proposal template.

I accept the above terms and payment terms.