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The SaaS Landscape

When you think software, you likely think of something you buy and install yourself. But, SaaS—or software as a service, has changed the game in recent years.

The SaaS landscape is a crowded one—full of countless options and a long list of features and benefits the layperson doesn’t always grasp right away.

And working with the wrong company could mean you and your employees are stuck teaching yourselves how to use the new platform—which can sometimes feel like a whole new language.

So, while you can certainly select a plan and get started with our tool, you’ll gain a significant advantage by working with us to incorporate the technology into your system in a way that delivers the best results.

See, keeping up with the latest tech isn’t always easy. You’ve got employees to manage, emails to answer, and a sprawling set of business goals.

With that in mind, there’s a good chance that you could benefit from a little automation—and in-depth training that shows you how to use your new tool.

How we can help

See, keeping up with the latest tech isn’t always easy. You’ve got employees to manage, emails to answer, and a sprawling set of business goals.

With that in mind, there’s a good chance that you could benefit from a little automation—and in-depth training that shows you how to use your new tool.

Our team offers custom solutions, implementation training, and ongoing support, so you’ll be able to get the most out of your software.

We’ll work together to come up with a strategy—that covers training, account set-up, cloud-storage solutions, data importing, and more. The plan will be executed across a predetermined timeline—with benchmarks representing successful completion of each milestone.

We know that enterprise software is a big investment but working with us means you’re gaining our 20+ years of expertise, and a scalable solution designed to make things easier as you gear up for growth.

"I am so lucky that I stumbled across SaaSy. Our company has been made 57% more efficient and our sales are through the roof!" - Jane Goodwin, Red Box

"We knew we needed to change something with our business. We were running behind the competition. SaaSy helped us catch up." - Paul Baxter, Blue Widgets Inc.

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SaaS Proposal Template

Tom Maxwell

Hey Joe,

Thanks for taking the time to chat earlier today.

I think your business is the perfect fit for our software. Some of the manual processes you're currently doing can be completely automated with some of our help.

As promised I've attached the proposal here. Click next to see our pricing.

If you're ready to start, just enter your payment details and sign the proposal.



Your Summary
Implementation and Support

Once we’ve determined your need and found a package that fits with your organization, we’ll put together a training session aimed at getting the team up to speed.

This package provides users with the necessary technical training need to make the most out of our software—through private on-site training, video conference sessions, and access to our online learning center.

This service also comes with six months of priority support. The benefit here is, we’ll provide analytics reports and make recommendations along the way. While we’ll always offer ticketing support and troubleshooting through the website, we recommend renewing priority support on a monthly retainer for best results.

Software License — Five Users

Our software solution brings all the tools you need into one central, cloud-based system, so users can access records from any device that connects to the web.

This plan offers access to five users—and allows you to set role-based permissions as you see fit. At the enterprise level, you’ll have access to advanced reporting, workflow automation, and the rest of the tools in our current lineup.

We’ll manage your account with an unparalleled level of security—with the infrastructure in place to mitigate risks, ensure privacy, and keep your data out of the wrong hands.

Payment Schedule
On acceptance Total
Implementation and Support
Including $250.00 GST
Recurring Total
Software License — Five Users
Including $49.90 GST
Payment Details Required

Please enter or select your payment details. Charges will appear on your statement from PI*SKYRISE ACCOUNTI AU.

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Sign & Accept

Please read your terms of service as it contains important information.

Terms and Conditions

Commencing {{proposal.commencement_date}}

This letter serves to formally commence our arrangement, as outlined in the proposal above. Our company will provide custom implementation training and support for the monthly SaaS plan.

Purpose, Scope, and Deliverables

We will provide installation service, including training, planning, and deployment. Ongoing support is offered for six months, after which, you’ll have the option to renew your contract on a month-to-month basis.

Period of Performance

Installation and training will begin on {{ proposal.commencement_date }} and end on {{ proposal.end_date }}. We will schedule an installation, as well your in-person trainings and scheduled phone consults. Again, we will provide six months of priority support, starting (date) and ending (date).


The fees associated with using our platform will be charged on a monthly basis. We reserve the right to send your account to collections in the event of nonpayment.

Install and service costs will be applied as a one-time charge and must be paid in full before the implementation process begins.

Terms of Service

* We will send weekly performance reports to the client and are available for consulting and troubleshooting during regular business hours.

* Documents or trade secrets belonging to the client will remain confidential.

* Data security is taken seriously—as such, all client records will be encrypted and stored on secured servers, with redundant backups in place.

* Should the client wish to alter the terms of this agreement; they must communicate this in writing.

* Software license is offered through a monthly subscription plan--should the client fail to pay, access will be taken away.

Confirmation of Terms of Service

Should you agree with the terms, as outlined in the above section, please sign and return this contract to confirm your understanding.

The contract is effective upon signing.


{{ }}

// end SaaS proposal template

I accept the above terms and payment terms.