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With the rapid increase in mobile device ownership across the world, mobile applications have become a powerful, profitable way to communicate. As innovation in this field happens at lightning speed, it is crucial that your organization stays up-to-date on new technologies in order to make the best use of this efficient problem-solving tool.

Whether you are looking for an enterprise or native mobile app solution, our specialized developers are ready to create your customized application. We can develop for Apple iOS, Google Android, and Microsoft Windows Phone platforms for use on all types of mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.

In the following sections, we describe our offering, from the design phase to deployment and marketing of your mobile app. It is our goal to help your organization stay flexible and agile in response to the rapid changes in the mobile industry to ensure your continued success.

"I can't recommend Appitfy enough! We needed a teddy bear making app and our deadline was very short. They surpassed all expectations and built a beautiful, clean and functional app that really works well."

"I've been through a lot of development agencies who just don't do much work. That's not the case with Appitfy. We've had them develop over five apps and they've all been outstanding. I can't believe how lucky we were to stumble on them!"

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Mobile App Development Proposal Template

Tom Maxwell

Hey John,

Thank you for taking the time to meet earlier today. Our team is excited to get your mobile app off the ground.

We have a long history of delivering stunning, functional mobile apps. If you want any case studies on past clients I'd be happy to share.

Thank you for considering us for your mobile app development needs. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns.

We look forward to collaborating with you to implement your mobile strategy and develop the ideal mobile application for your business.

If you're ready to get started just enter your payment details and sign the proposal.



Your Summary
Planning and Design

During the planning stage, we will work closely with you to gain a better understanding of your company’s vision and goals for the mobile app. Then, we will formalize the project requirements, identify project risks, confirm the project scope, and determine the schedule and assignments.

With the desired features and functionality understood, the design phase will begin. Using wireframes to show the look and feel of the application, the developers will create the user experience (UX) design, or how the app will function in the user’s hands. This will then inform the user interface (UI) design, or what colors, graphics, and other visuals the user will see.

Post-Deployment and Engagement

Once your app has been deployed, whether externally through an App Store or directly to your employees or customers, it will require continued enhancements and support. We can provide continuous design and development of new features, address any issues that may arise, and make changes as necessary.

You will also need to develop a plan for marketing and disseminating your mobile app. If you are marketing your app externally we will build your app’s online presence and solicit feedback from users. If you’re marketing internally, we will develop messaging and support for users within your company or customer base.

Note: This agreement includes post-deployment services for XX months. Additional engagement and post-deployment activities can be arranged through an additional contract and agreement.

Development, Testing, and Deployment

The final, camera-ready app will be developed through the following stages:

  • Prototype – At this stage, the app functions as a proof-of-concept, shows only basic functionality, and still has bugs.
  • Alpha – By this time, basic functionality is complete but the outlying functionality is likely unfinished, and bugs may still be present.
  • Beta – During this stage, most functionality has been built and some light testing and bug fixing has occurred.
  • Release candidate – The app is ready when all functionality is complete and has been tested. It is ready for deployment at this stage.

Testing will check for functionality, usability, and compatibility. Done both manually and through automated systems, the tests will cover issues related to screen size, mobile device brand, operating system, and network operator. We will also conduct testing of the app’s battery usage, speed, data requirements, and memory requirements.

Once the release candidate is ready, we will handle the entire App Store deployment process. If a review is required, we will ensure that the app meets all requirements and passes the test. We will also respond to any issues that arise during the review and deployment period.

Payment Schedule
On acceptance Total
Planning and Design
Including $400.00 GST
Recurring Total
Post-Deployment and Engagement
Including $50.00 GST
On completion Total
Development, Testing, and Deployment
Including $5,000.00 GST
Payment Details Required

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Sign & Accept

Please read your terms of service as it contains important information.

Commencing {{proposal.commencement_date}}

This letter serves to confirm our understanding of the terms of our engagement. It also describes the consulting services that we will provide and any limitations thereof.

Purpose, Scope, and Deliverables

We will provide mobile application development consulting services, including planning, design, development, testing, deployment, and marketing of the app.

Project Period of Performance

The project will begin on {{ proposal.commencement_date }} and end on {{ proposal.end_date }}. Work will only take place outside of these dates if agreed upon by both parties in an additional written contract.


Any information acquired from the client will be kept confidential. We will not disclose any information to other parties except as required by law or with the client’s written consent.


The fees charged are based on mutually accepted rates upon acceptance and on a monthly basis. This fee arrangement will only be subject to change under the following circumstances (list circumstances which may change the costs of providing the services).

Liability Limitation

Our liability is limited by a Professional Standards Legislation-approved scheme.

Deliverable Ownership

All original documents obtained from the client shall remain property of the client. However, we reserve the right to retain a reasonable number of copies of the originals for our records.

Any hard copy or electronic deliverables produced under this contract will be provided to the client but remain the property of the consulting firm.

Terms of Service

  • The contractor and client will participate in weekly conference calls or in-person meetings to discuss progress.
  • All documents and information exchanged during the course of this contract will be considered and treated as confidential.
  • All communications with respect to the provisions of this agreement shall be done in writing.
  • The consulting firm is as an independent contractor, and all employees of our firm will remain as such throughout the contract.
  • The contractor shall have no authority to act as an agent for, or on behalf of, the client company in any manner.
  • The contractor will not be entitled to worker’s compensation, retirement, insurance, or other benefits for employees of the company.

Contract Termination

Termination of this contract requires notification at least 30 days prior. No refunds will be issued.

Confirmation of Terms of Service

Upon agreement with the terms, please sign and return this letter to indicate your understanding of the arrangements. Contract effectiveness is from the date of signing unless any change is formally communicated in writing between the two parties.


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// end mobile app development proposal template

I accept the above terms and payment terms.