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We get it; you’re busy running a business—between the admin stuff and the big picture planning, legal services are likely far from top of mind.

Unfortunately, many small and growing organizations believe that investing in legal services is a luxury afforded to established companies with a huge budget.

Or, they may not know what they need. The thing is, smaller companies can benefit big-time from having the right team on their side. Between negotiating contracts, maintaining records, decoding tax jargon, and navigating the pitfalls of establishing a partnership—you need a lawyer.

At the Legal Pros, we understand that getting started with a legal team can be intimidating at first. Our mission is to help you lay the groundwork for legal compliance—preventing problems that can get out of hand as your business grows.

Look, adding a legal advisor to your consultant lineup is bound to pay off in spades. Whether you need help with incorporation, employee issues, or protecting your IP from copycats--our team can help you avoid legal headaches and set the stage for long-term success.

Legal Pros can help you find the right attorney for your business’ needs.

Contact us today, and we’ll provide a free consultation to go over all the ways we can help.

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Legal Services

Hi Joe,

Thanks for taking the time to meet earlier today.

I've put together this proposal for you. I think these services will be a perfect fit for your business.

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.

If you're ready to go, please add your payment details and sign this document.

All the best,


Your Summary
Startup Monthly Package

Startups face a lot of challenges as they start to chart their path toward growth. As such, they may want to work closely with a lawyer for an extended period rather than paying lawyers by the hour.

We offer a yearly contract to startups. How this works is, you’ll pay a monthly retainer and have access to one lawyer you can call for help any time. We’ll match you with an attorney that understands your industry and can help you navigate all those new business milestones. From contracts to government compliance and employee issues, exit strategies to stock options.

Our team also helps with the following:

  • Raising capital
  • Founder relationships
  • Environmental issues
  • Strategic control of risk factors—employee, suppliers, customers, the public

In any case, we recommend this option to companies who want to make sure they are starting their business on the right path. Without legal assistance, startups put themselves at risk of violating tax or employment laws or leave assets unprotected.

IP Protections

Chances are, you’ve already invested a ton of time, money, and emotional energy into developing your brand, product, or service.

Things like registering a trademark, filing a patent, and establishing an IP policy with founders, employees, and contractors, bring up a whole host of new challenges.

Our team helps you protect your intellectual property with our unique expertise. Many of our attorneys have expertise in industries like tech, software, and academia— in addition to their legal background. As such, you can rest assured that you’ll be matched with a partner that understands your journey. And from there, you’ll work together to develop a strategy that suits your goals and your budget.

Payment Schedule
Recurring Total
Startup Monthly Package
Including $250.00 GST
Estimate Total
IP Protections
Including $20.00 GST
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Sign & Accept

Please read your terms of service as it contains important information.

Terms and Conditions

This letter confirms our mutual understanding as per the terms outlined above. It will also further define the terms of our engagement, as well as any limitations to the service.

Our Role and Scope

Our advice is based on our understanding of your business goals through the lens of the legal system. Our goal is to provide guidance and keep the client informed of how to move forward with their specific case.

Attorneys will provide their recommendations in writing, to maintain a record. Any advice provided is specific to the client and will not apply to any third-party.

We will not undertake any task that we believe to be unlawful, and if asked, reserve the right to terminate the agreement.

Finally, we appreciate your prompt response to any requests for information or instructions, as that allows us to provide a higher level of service.


The client will pay our firm for the legal services outlined in this agreement as follows:

Hourly compensation: $200 per hour, with time increments rounded to the nearest one-tenth of an hour. Clients will receive an invoice after service is performed and will have 30 days to pay.

Monthly retainer: $2000 per month, billed on (date) for one year. The contract may be renewed at the end of this term if services are still required.

Terms of Service

  • All documents exchanged during this arrangement will be treated as confidential.
  • Any proposed provisions to this arrangement must be submitted in writing and agreed upon by both parties.
  • Termination of the contract requires 30-days advance notice, and the client is liable for a $2000 early termination fee.

Limit of Liability

We will perform services with a reasonable amount of care and skill—but any losses incurred will be your responsibility. We are not liable for any loss or damage connected to our actions on your behalf.

Confirmation of Terms of Service

Upon your agreement with the terms outlined above, please sign and return the form to confirm your intention to move forward. The contract is effective from the date of signing unless a specific date is communicated in writing ahead of time.

I accept the above terms and payment terms.