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Landscaping can make a real difference in the appearance of your home or business, allowing you to put your best foot forward in front of visitors. Whether you need a full-on redesign for your property or ongoing maintenance, our landscaping company brings a vast array of services to the table, from planning and designing to the planting, pruning, and mowing that keeps things looking their best.

Our company is known for our consistent service at and fair prices. We really take the time to understand your vision and work with your needs—that could mean setting up a yard safe for kids and pets, or moving toward a drought-resistant garden populated by native plants.

We hire only the most qualified landscaping professionals and make a point of investing in the best equipment and in providing ongoing training for our technicians. We know that utilizing the right professional can add value to your property—we’ll start the relationship on the right foot, meeting on-site to discuss client needs and expectations, and provide you with a clear estimate for service.

The services included in this landscaping bid proposal template include: designing walkways, installing garden beds, or designing and installing a vegetable garden or communal green space.

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Landscaping Proposal Template

Tom Maxwell

Hey John,

It was great meeting you earlier today. Your space looks amazing!

I'm sure that we can do a fantastic job for you.

Take a look at the brochure on your left for more info on our company.

When you're ready to start, just enter your payment details here and sign the dotted line.



Your Summary
Plan, Design, and Permitting

If you're not a seasoned pro, taking on landscaping design and implementation will cause more headaches than it’s worth. Our company will work with you to create a beautiful, functional space that works with your unique vision. From there, we'll get started on the implementation--presenting you with details sketches and mock-ups and sourcing the best materials that work with your budget.

Skills include:

• Designing outdoor spaces
• Securing the appropriate permits
• Knowledge of native plants, topography, soil, and climate
• Creating an irrigation system
• Horticulture
• Urban planning
• Sourcing the plants that fit your vision

Recurring Maintenance

After you've got your dream landscape in place, you'll need ongoing care. Our company works to maintain annuals, perennials, shrubbery, and trees that work with the natural terrain, as well as your lifestyle, and water use requirements.

We'll mow lawns, water plants, and remove existing plants that aren't working for you any longer. In addition to basic yard maintenance, our pros are happy to advise you on things like pet-friendly plants and those that prevent erosion.

Skills include:

• Gathering and removing litter
• Pruning trees and shrubs
• Watering and feeding plants
• Mowing the lawn
• Operating lawn care equipment such as mowers, edgers, and power tools
• Proper upkeep of paths and walkways
• Pest control/removal

Payment Schedule
On acceptance Total
Plan, Design, and Permitting
Including $1,000.00 GST
Recurring Total
Recurring Maintenance
Including $150.00 GST
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Please read your terms of service as it contains important information.

Terms of Service

This agreement represents a mutual understanding of the terms outlined in the above section. It also lays out in specific terms the service that we will provide and any associated limitations.

Purpose, Scope, and Deliverables

Our company will provide ongoing landscaping services, which includes monthly upkeep, cleanup and more. Additionally, our firm will provide landscape planning, design, and implementation.

Project Term and Contract Renewal This agreement begins (insert date) and end on (insert date), and will continue until one party terminates the contract in formal writing.

Service Schedule

Ongoing landscape maintenance will take place on a weekly basis and will establish a schedule that meets the needs of both parties. Should there be a business holiday or conflict, service dates may be rescheduled.

Fees and Invoicing

We bill upfront for all services. We will send you an invoiced for the work after it's been paid.

Limited Liability

Liability from contractor to client is limited to the amount paid by the customer, as per this agreement.

Supplies and Equipment

The contractor is responsible for the costs of equipment and supplies, which includes landscaping equipment, tiles, irrigation supplies, yard debris removal, mulch, and more.

The customer is responsible for any additional landscaping supplies. The contractor can purchase supplies on the client's behalf, but these items will be included on the invoice at an additional fee.


The contractor provides insurance to all employees. This includes property damage insurance, worker's compensation, employee status, and comprehensive liability insurance.

Employees are considered employees of the contractor, not the client. As such, they are not eligible for any employment-based benefits from the client.


By signing this document, our company agrees not use or share any of the client’s confidential business with a third-party.

Contract Termination

Should either party wish to terminate this agreement, cancellation must be communication 30 days before completion.

Confirmation of Terms of Service

Upon signing this contract, you agree to the terms outlined above. This agreement goes into effect from the date of signing, unless changes are submitted in writing and acknowledged by both parties.

I accept the above terms and payment terms.