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We're IgnitionPay

Ignition is the world's first client engagement and commerce platform for accounting and professional services and IgnitionPay is the payment identifier we use for UK direct debits.

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Automated client payment

Important Information

Chances are you're here because you've had an IgnitionPay charge on your bank statement and you're wondering what it is and who is it from? We'd like to share some important details on who we are and who has initiated this charge before you query the charge with your bank or financial institution.

IgnitionPay is the payment identifier used exclusively by Ignition. Service based professionals use Ignition to send clients smart proposals and when these are signed, a digital agreement between the two parties is formed.

As part of this process, payment details can be securely captured and these are used to debit a bank account based on the agreed payment schedule.

Traditionally we have been a platform of choice for accountants and bookkeepers, so it's very likely this charge relates to the services they are providing you.

More recently other service professionals are using our platform, so the charge may relate to services provided by them. These businesses include digital agencies, financial planners and quote for work business with recurring fees.

If your bank account has been debited, you have accepted a proposal from one of our customers. These are usually branded and customised based on that service professional's look and feel.

If you do not remember agreeing to this charge, as a first step we recommend you search for no-reply@ignitionapp.com in your email to see if you have been sent a proposal.

We're here to help! If you're still having trouble identifying a charge we recommend that you get in touch and we'll help direct you.

Using the unique reference on the charge we'll be able to identify which service professional is responsible for the charge and to assist you with contacting them. Please direct all enquiries to payments@ignitionapp.com and provide as much detail as possible.

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