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Product Update for November 2017

December 7th, 2017 by Nick Dainty 1 minute read

Here's a quick round up of all the updates to Practice Ignition we made last month.

Automatically send invoices and payment receipts to your clients

Practice Ignition can now send invoices and payment receipts to your clients automatically. For more details check out our announcement, support article or take a look at the video below.

App Practiceignition Com Proposals 264509

Proposals now have a short link that's perfect for sending via SMS, personal email or however you choose. This gives you more potential avenues to deliver proposals to clients, besides emailing directly from Practice Ignition.

Accept proposals in person

If you like to build proposals during client meetings and get a signature on the spot, we've made it a little easier.

By using Move to Awaiting Acceptance you can make your proposal ready for signature, without sending an email.

Then just click View or Accept In Person and let your client sign.

Don't accidentally lose your work

Practice Ignition is now a little bit smarter about preventing you from losing work. If you've made changes and then try to close your tab or navigate away, you'll be prompted to confirm so that you don't lose your changes by mistake.

Save time by duplicating templates

Want to create a variation on an existing engagement letter template? Just hit Duplicate and start editing.

Browse client and proposal states easily

Wherever you see a Client or Proposal status like "Active" or "Lead", you can now just click it to view all the Clients or Proposals with that status.

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