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Product Update for September 2017: Xero HQ launch!

In September, we launched our integration with Xero HQ - read on for all the details!
PRODUCT 1 mins 05 Oct 2017 by Nick Dainty

In September we launched our integration with Xero HQ. If you’re a Xero partner and haven’t already started using Ignition with Xero HQ, read on for all the details.

Xero HQ

Xero HQ is a new platform for Xero partners to get visibility into activity from their whole client base. Any time a significant event occurs, an alert is sent into a central activity feed. These alerts can come from client Xero accounts, and now, from Ignition as well.

Ignition alerts in Xero HQ

When any of the following events occur in Ignition, you’ll be notified straight away in Xero HQ:

  • When a client accepts a proposal
  • When a client leaves a comment on your proposal
  • When a payment fails to collect
  • When a credit card that’s in use will be expiring soon.

Xero HQ lets you customise which alerts you receive. So for example, staff members can choose to only receive alerts for clients that they are responsible for managing.

If you’re Xero partner and haven’t already connected Ignition to Xero HQ, I’d encourage you to give it a go! We already have hundreds of practices taking advantage of this new integration. Check out our support article for instructions on how to connect to Xero HQ.

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Published 05 Oct 2017 Last updated 28 Oct 2022
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