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Product Update for October 2017

November 1st, 2017 by Nick Dainty 1 minute read

We released a few small updates in October that we'd like to let you know about.

Prepare proposals for signing, without sending the client an email

Accept On Behalf

You can now make proposals ready to sign without having to email your client. To do this just choose "Move to Awaiting Acceptance" instead of "Send to Client" from the proposal Actions menu.

QuickBooks: Let clients know when automatic payments are set up

Qbo Note

We've made a small change to QuickBooks invoices created by Practice Ignition.

If payment is being collected automatically through Practice Ignition, the invoice will now contain a note informing the client.

We've heard that clients will sometimes mistakenly pay invoices twice when automatic payments have been set up. This change should help clear up those problems.

What's next?

We're working on automatically sending invoices to clients, and adding a new integration with Zapier.

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