Product Update for June 2017: New dashboard panel and Xero settings improvements

July 7th, 2017 by Nick Dainty 1 minute read

Pipeline - the new dashboard panel

We've added a new Pipeline widget to your Dashboard. By tracking proposal acceptance rate, the Pipeline provides insight into the effectiveness of your proposals.

A detailed description of all the data in the Pipeline is available in this article.

Xero Settings

Better management of Xero settings

We've improved the way that Xero is connected to Practice Ignition and how settings for the connection are managed.

Many of our customers are Xero partners and as such have access to multiple Xero ledgers. When connecting Xero to PI, it's vital to select the correct ledger. The updated connection process lets you view and confirm the name of the Xero organisation that you are linking, as well as confirming your settings, before going ahead and enabling.

That's it for June - see you next month!

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