Product Update for July 2017: Proposal total values, pipeline improvements and more

August 3rd, 2017 by Nick Dainty 1 minute read

Proposals: Total values

We've re-introduced the total values for each proposal status. You can now find these on the proposal list, underneath the filter for each status.

For example, under "Draft", the amount shown is the sum of the value of all proposals that are currently drafts.

Accepted Tooltip

Dashboard: Pipeline panel improvements

We've made a few improvements to our new pipeline panel. You can now see the breakdown of proposals that are still awaiting acceptance, and those that have been marked as lost.

If you regularly use "Mark as Lost" to record lost opportunities in Practice Ignition, this helps give you an idea of the maximum additional revenue you can expect from your un-accepted proposals.

Xero Branding Settings

Xero: Branding theme settings

If you're a Xero user and are processing payments through Practice Ignition, you should find this update helpful.

Clients will sometimes mistakenly pay invoices manually, when in fact automatic payments have already been set up.

To prevent this, you can now select a branding theme based on whether payment for the invoice will be collected through Practice Ignition.

The branding theme you select for use when collecting payment automatically can be customised in Xero with appropriate payment advice. For example, you might include a message such as "Payment details have been provided and payment will be collected automatically".

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