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Product update for April 2017: Smoother proposal payment settings, CSV import and more

May 4th, 2017 by Nick Dainty 1 minute read

More control over how you receive payments

For customers in Australia and the USA, you can now control how you receive payment for each proposal individually.

For example, if you normally only accept payment by bank account, but would like to be able to make an exception on particular proposals, that's now possible!

Smoother proposal payment settings

Managing payment settings for active proposals is now more straightforward and consistent with other areas of the app. It's also now possible for all users to see which payment method is in use, rather than just admins.

Import services from CSV file

It's now possible to create services in bulk by uploading a CSV file. This is great for getting all your services into PI. It's also useful if you need to update lots of services at once - for example, to raise your standard prices at the start of a new financial year.

Redesigned weekly email

The weekly summary email is a popular way to stay up to date with activity in Practice Ignition.

It's now easier to navigate and has had a new coat of paint.

New support center

If you're reading this, you are looking at our new support center. The layout is simplified and searching for articles is improved.

Check back in next month for another update!

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