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​Contract management software is essential to helping businesses run successfully.
TECHNOLOGY 15 mins 25 Jun 2018 by Ryan Hansen
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Contract management software is essential to helping businesses run successfully. In fact, when you think about making a deal, the contract is likely the next thing you think about. Contracts are the lifeblood of business, and they outline exactly what each participant in the deal can expect to happen.

Before computers and software were mainstream, contracts used to live and breathe on paper. Their owners stored them in physical locations, which often led to theft, damage or loss.

In today’s world, contract management software has revolutionized business, creating an easier way to create, update and store contracts without the fear of losing original copies or dealing with the hassle that comes with physical documents.

So, what contract management software should you consider for your business in 2018?

What to Look for in Contract Management Software

During our research, we took into account many different factors and features of the wide number of contract management software available today. We also identified a few key features that you should look for before making a purchase.

We considered software that featured at least the following core features:

  • Contract creation – a good contract management software should allow you to create contracts directly within the software. The best options feature a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows you to pick and choose statements and clauses that are relevant to the contract you are creating.
  • 3rd-party integrations – your contract management software should connect to and interact with your other software applications like customer relationship management software and HR software.
  • Document storage – while the idea of contract management software is to get rid of paper documents, it’s still sometimes necessary to work with them. The best options can store documents from scans or PDFs to keep everything in one place.
  • Notifications – the contract process can be long and tedious, and you’ll likely want to know exactly what’s going on during any given step. Good contract management software solutions provide a robust notification feature that always keeps you up to date on when key steps are completed.
  • eSignature integration – the point of a contract management software is to reduce the amount of paper and make it easier for all involved parties to sign. The best contract management software includes integration with major eSignature software like DocuSign. This allows both internal and external users to sign via their mobile devices or computers.

With these features in mind, here are the 20 best contract management software of 2018 (in no particular order!):

1. Ignition (Small to Enterprise)

Ignition is a unique contract management solution designed for professional service businesses. Your contract is generated and built right in to your proposal when engaging new clients. That means more signed contracts and less documents to manage.

Ignition features:

  • Automatically include your generated contract/terms of service to proposals
  • Unlimited cloud storage of your contracts and proposals
  • eSignatures are built in, no need for multiple software platforms
  • Automated follow up on your contracts to ensure that you get the signature
  • Incredible native integrations with Xero, QuickBooks Online, Zapier and more enable you to streamline your workflow

2. Concord (Enterprise)

Concord contract management software is made for enterprise-level companies and features a wide variety of helpful features that assist you throughout the entire contract lifecycle. It allows you to keep track of all of your relevant documents without worry.

Concord features:

  • Comprehensive, automated deadlines alerts
  • Unlimited cloud storage and secure backup for all your contract documents
  • In-depth summary sheets that display all of the relevant contract information, such as tags, folders and key clauses
  • Amendment tracking that gives you quick access to documents that have been added or edited
  • Customer and client communication options, even after the contract has been signed

3. Coupa (Mid-size to Enterprise)

Coupa is a comprehensive contract management software for mid-size to enterprise level businesses. This software provides helpful features that help you stay compliant with current laws and regulations. It also helps you stay closely connected to your clients so everyone is always on the same page.

Coupa features:

  • Centralized contract management that stores all contracts and documents in a central repository that everyone can easily access
  • Integrated compliance and regulation enforcement that stops you if your contracts are non-compliant
  • Easy-to-use mobile apps that keep you consistently connected
  • Active alerts and notifications interface prevent you from missing important updates
  • Increased visibility on the software’s interface lets you compare spend, savings, POs and contracts, all in one place

4. Updraft (Small to Enterprise)

Updraft is a fully scalable contract management software that works well for companies small and large alike. This software is unique in the fact that the contracts it creates are tailor-fit to your needs based on a questionnaire-style flow. This questionnaire process is intended to mirror the same workflow lawyers use when creating contracts with new clients.

Updraft features:

  • Unique questionnaire-style contract building helps you more easily create natural contracts that anyone can follow
  • In-depth and comprehensive reporting features that allow you to keep track of all the movement happening on your open contracts
  • Integrated signature functionality so everyone can sign electronically whenever they can
  • Color-coded inbox represents different levels of urgency on the different contracts and documents you’re working on Easy-to-use interface that makes the overall contract management process simpler for everyone involved

5. Contract Advantage (Small to Mid-Size)

Contract Advantage is a simple contract management software that works well for small and medium-sized businesses. It offers a wide variety of customizable features that help you create a contract management system specifically for your needs, which is useful for any business working with contracts.

Contract advantage features:

  • Fully customizable contract creation that gives you the option to show or hide specific modules and fields that can be renamed to fit your situation
  • In-depth security functionality allows you to secure specific parts of the software so only certain people can see them at any given time
  • Complete document management suite that can store as many documents as you need in any variety of file formats
  • Native email and document creation feature allows you to create emails and send them directly from the system for a variety of different situations like reminding signees to sign the contract Comprehensive audit trails keep track of all changes made by each user, including date and time stamps

6. PandaDoc Contracts (Mid-size to Enterprise)

PandaDoc offers a varied suite of software specific to creating and managing documents, but it shines when it comes to its contract management software for mid-size to enterprise-level companies. This product can be used by contract administrators, sales managers, or sales teams with seamless integration with existing software.

PandaDoc Contracts features:

  • Integration with other software like CRM software to keep all parts of your business in sync
  • Internal messaging functionality helps you stay connected with everyone involved in the project, including those who aren’t part of your organization
  • Super simple tracking features help you stay up to date on each step of the contract lifecycle
  • Cloud storage with regular backups for all documents and contracts you create and manage Real-time analytics keep you notified of at-risk deals and how many people have viewed each contract

7. Gatekeeper (Mid-size to Enterprise)

Gatekeeper contract management software is a unique option in this space for mid-size to enterprise-level companies. It focuses on using artificial intelligence (AI) to automate the bulk of the contract lifecycle for easier management. The features also give you more visibility and control over all the contracts you manage.

Gatekeeper features:

  • Automate the data entry aspects of contract management to create more efficiency and productivity for your contract management and sales teams
  • Visualization features help you see and understand contract processes and performance analytics better
  • Automated reminders keep you up to speed for contract renewals and deadlines
  • Centralized repository stores all client interactions and documents in a single place for easier access
  • Included templates for best practice workflows covering a variety of topics like contract renewals, supplier onboarding and more

8. ContractRoom (Enterprise)

ContractRoom is contract management software made for enterprise-level companies who want data-driven contracts. This software features a variety of in-depth technical options that allow for more customization and configuration. It also features some helpful automation functionality for easier workflow management.

ContractRoom features:

  • Comprehensive contract construction gives you the ability to create editing rules and pre-approved content for contracts that make the whole process easier and faster
  • Data tracking throughout the entire contract lifecycle to better inform you on future business decisions and contract lifecycles
  • Multi-party collaboration allows both internal and external users to communicate while working on a contract so everyone stays on the know
  • Electronic signing system that you can use within the software or interfaced with a third-party software
  • Automation for contract preparation phases to ensure legal compliance and reduced risk

9. Signable (Mid-size)

Signable isn’t as comprehensive as other contract management software on this list, but it still provides valuable e-signature functionality for small to mid-size companies. With a simple interface, you can easily send contracts and other important documents to your clients without a worry.

Signable features:

  • Mac and Windows compatibility, along with compatibility with all the major internet browsers, including Chrome, Safari, Firefox and more
  • Instantaneous document tracking allows you to see signing process at any stage of the workflow
  • Integration with Dropbox, Kashflow, Close.io, Zapier and Capsule for more comprehensive and beneficial document management
  • iOS and Android apps available for contract signing on the go
  • Signable API allows you to integrate the software into your own CRM system that makes your whole contract process easier

10. Agiloft (Enteprise)

The Agiloft contract management software suite is tailor-made for large organizations that want to automate their contract lifecycle process. With features that eliminate bottlenecks and gain valuable contract insights, this software is a useful tool for any sales or contract teams.

Agiloft features:

  • Fully configurable tables and fields allow you to easily change names to fit your contract needs without the need for manual coding
  • Automate business rules to run in the background that trigger specific actions after certain processes are finished or started
  • Customize the look and feel of the entire interface to create a tailor-made product for each individual user
  • Supports a variety of different languages so your global customers don’t suffer from a language they don’t understand
  • Comprehensive email, chat and messaging system keeps everyone involved in the contract process updated on essential changes and updates
  • A huge variety of customizable features give you the option to create a software fit to your individual needs

11.Onit (Enterprise)

Onit contract management software is an enterprise-level product that remains simple in spite of a wide array of customizable features and functionality. This simplicity is supported by extra visibility, making it an easy-to-use software that doesn’t overwhelm users with complicated interfaces and processes.

Onit features:

  • Real-time contract editing allows users to make changes to contract workflows on the fly, including adding and removing authorized users
  • Customizable, flexible workflows give you the option to create unique solutions to the specific needs of your business
  • Integrated e-signing capability increases contract signing rates and makes the process easier for signees
  • Simple contract management interface keeps you in touch with everyone on the project through instantaneous, configurable email updates Powerful analytics system helps you identify and eliminate bottlenecks in the contract signing process

12. ContractSafe (Mid-size to Enterprise)

ContractSafe is a flexible contract management software that offers something for any size of business. However, the best features are only available for mid- to large-size businesses. The available features are numerous, making it easy for you to find a solution to your contract management needs.

ContractSafe features:

  • Comprehensive alerts and notifications system that keeps you in touch with key contract dates, renewal dates and recurring dates
  • Central document repository stores all relevant documents in the cloud, including SOWs, contract drafts and more
  • Full security suite that includes ISO 27001 certified data centers, automatic fallover, offsite backup and much more
  • Integration with third-party software like DocuSign and SalesForce
  • Easy-to-use searching and reporting functionality keeps you fully informed of overall contract performance

13. Conga Contracts (Enterprise)

Conga Contracts offers two different options in the contract management software space: one for sales teams and one for legal teams. The option for sales teams integrates with CRM software like SalesForce while the options for legal teams focuses more on document storage and creation.

Conga Contracts features:

  • Full automation for tasks and alerts that keep you and other users up to speed on everything that is changing with the current contract
  • Helpful contract creation wizard walks you through each individual step of the contract creation process so you don’t miss any critical steps
  • Configurable central document repository gives you unlimited document storage and retrieval
  • Simple searching functionality allows you to find all your old contracts and documents easily
  • Add additional modules onto the software like negotiation portals, supplier registrations and eSignature integration

14. ContractWorks (Mid-size)

ContractWorks contract management software offers transparent pricing that includes unlimited users in a single price, which is a rare way of pricing this kind of software. With quick implementation and installation, this contract management software is perfect for mid-size organizations ranging from non-profits to tech companies. It’s also a fully customizable solution that can fit your exact needs.

ContractWorks features:

  • In-depth security access system you can use to restrict users or give them access to specific documents and contracts within the software
  • Comprehensive alerts system that you can customize to notify you of certain contract milestones in the form of email alerts
  • Customizable reporting functionality keeps you in touch with contract performance; reports are fully exportable and shareable
  • SalesForce integration allows you to send documents and contracts back and forth for easier tracking
  • OCR text searching helps you find any previous document or contract with greater ease

15. Contract Assistant (Individual to Enterprise)

Contract Assistant is a contract management software that offers three different tiers: Standard for individuals, Pro for mid-size companies and Enterprise for large companies. Each tier offers different features, but they all offer the same core features. We’ll identify important features by tier when appropriate.

Contract Assistant features:

  • Comprehensive and in-depth electronic records that keep track of all the contract details
  • Security features on Pro and Enterprise tiers that give you the option to restrict access to certain documents and contracts
  • Customizable, in-system alarm system that you can set for specific contract events; Pro and Enterprise tiers include email notification
  • Plenty of customizable options, including categories, data fields and date fields
  • Easy installation for all tiers that helps you get started faster and easier than other software

16. Contract Hound (Mid-size)

Contract HoundContract Hound is an affordable contract management software for companies that need to manage up to 500 contracts at any given time. If you need to manage more than that, Contract Hound is willing to work with you on a customized pricing plan. This contract management software offers a lot of helpful and customizable features that help you more efficiently manage your contracts.

Contract Hound features:

  • Drag-and-drop approval workflows that make it easy for you to manage who needs to do what
  • Clean and simple interface makes the whole contract lifecycle process easier for you and the other users
  • Mobile apps keep you in touch on the go, wherever you are
  • Integrate with DocuSign to easily collect eSignatures from both internal and external parties
  • Easily customize the fields on your contracts so you can easily input your own organization’s necessary data

17. SpringCM (Mid-size to Enterprise)

SpringCM is a cloud contract management software that is easily scalable from mid-size to large organizations and vice versa. The product aims to cut your contract process by around 75% overall so your legal and sales teams can spend more time on other processes. As such, most of the features this software provides are focused on efficiency and productivity.

SpringCM features:

  • Pre-approved templates that you can create and use to cut down on the initial contract creation process
  • Automate step tracking process so everyone involved in the contract is always kept up to date with key changes and completion
  • In-system redlining function for more streamlined and collaborative contract revisions
  • In-depth reporting functions help you identify and eliminate bottlenecks in the contract process
  • Seamless integration with SalesForce to include quotes and automate more contract processes

18. Octiv (Mid-size)

Octiv is a simple contract management system that’s perfect for mid-size businesses. It was recently acquired by Conga. It features innovative features like real-time redlining and contract automation. These features—along with others—help increase the efficiency of your overall contract creation process and lifecycle.

Octiv features:

  • Contact creation automation that allows you to create pre-built templates for quicker contract drafting
  • Real-time redlining allows you to negotiate and collaborate with clients and other team members
  • Access contracts via private link so you avoid downloading multiple versions of the same document, which can often cause confusion
  • Native eSignature functionality that’s both secure and easy to use for all involved parties
  • Comprehensive and simple user dashboard that makes overall contract management easier through simple navigation

19. Apttus (Enterprise)

Apttus contract management software is unique in the fact that it uses artificial intelligence (AI) to create a smarter and more efficient contract process. This software is perfect for enterprise organizations with many users on a single plan. The automation features speed up the process and eliminate mistakes and inconsistencies.

Apttus features:

  • AI called Max uses a “conversational” interface that users can interact with to create the best contracts
  • Reduced risk and elimination of bottlenecks through Max’s AI
  • Intelligent Import allows you to import all your old contracts for better reporting and data analysis
  • eSignature integration for quicker signing processes for both internal and external signees
  • Self-service contract wizard helps everyone create new contracts faster and in simpler ways

20. ZenContract (Mid-size)

ZenContract is a cloud proposal and contract management software that focuses heavily on creating a simple and user-friendly experience. This company understands that the overall contract management process can be overly complicated, and it aims to eliminate that complicated nature through efficiency-focused features.

ZenContract features:

  • Cloud-based document and contract storage that is regularly backed up on the company’s own servers
  • Pre-built templates that you can customize to fit your own needs and speed up the initial contract creation process
  • Integration with Autotask for better IT business management functionality
  • Comprehensive compliance features help keep you in check against your company’s brand rules and your country’s laws
  • Greater visibility features allow you to better track the history and progress of a deal and contract so you never miss a step along the way
  • Better collaboration tools that allow internal teams to work on the same document at the same time

BONUS: Aerofiler (Mid-size)

Aerofiler is a next-generation contract management platform that provides in-house legal teams and the clients they serve with the ability to easily create, approve, file and track contracts - wherever they may be. It combines a best-in-class document repository, an intuitive templating engine that makes self-serve contract creation simple, and a powerful approval workflow that streamlines internal sign offs.
Aerofiler features:
  • Contract generation for self-service of documents such as NDAs and sales agreements
  • Approval workflows capable of handling complex business rules
  • Built-in optical character recognition to extract text from any document
  • Automated contract alerts capable of handling multiple contract terms and auto-renewals
  • Integration with major cloud providers such as Adobe Sign, DocuSign, Box, Salesforce, Slack and GSuite

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